What a day

One day off to visit the doctor and the dentist and in the middle pick up my new ID card at the Embassy. It went well, not as planned but well. The worst part as always, the dentist. I must say I envy people in USA who can afford a dental plan and go to their dentists since they always seems to be put to sleep… I wish that was possible here in Europe.

But one tooth was needed to go, bye bye, and it was not an easy thing to do. So now a few hours later I have a fever, not allowed to drink, eat or smoke and the pain killers???? Not even something strong, paracetamol, for this kind of pain?

Went to the pharmacy, see the photo, and even if to pills was out of stock, will get them tomorrow, this is what I brought home.


Finally a good decision

So after many many years as a citizen in a country belonging to the European Union they actually voted for something good? I am flabbergasted. NO stupid daylight saving from 2021.

OK – Maybe not seen the last of this yet and they look at a final setting I don’t agree upon but still. My number 1 option is to NOT put the time one hour forward at all. This suggestion is to do it but never put it back. Even if I don’t understand why, I like to know that at 12h00 the sun is peaking.

But it is small step in the right direction so thank you EU



Told you all a few days ago how RATP hated me and the Paris population by cancelling the perfect bus line 81 in Paris and I needed alternatives. One option was to either buy a Scooter (Trottinette) or use the system with public scooters. All since the best and by me most wanted option, to buy a bike, not an option since I have no place for a bike.

But, now knowing that 81 will be replaced by 21 I think I will survive. The only change is that the bus last stop won’t be Chatelet it will continue out in the suburbs.

So no need for panic yet


Strange weekend

Sometimes the Gods deciding weather don’t give you a chance. It was said to be a fantastic sunny and warm spring weekend, I even planned some outdoors things to do but no.

Rain, cold and no sun in sight until now, late afternoon Sunday. But on the other hand the kidney stones stayed calm all weekend, hopefully next week will continue this way cause I have a week of focus in front of me. Nothing can be out of focus the upcoming week.


No theme today

The blog post today might be random but still there.

I have never ever seen a episode of “Game of Thrones”, really, not even “only the intro”, “passed the TV in the middle” or “missed all but the end”

Read that two STARS broke up in the United States of America. Clicked the link and the names Emma Roberts and Evan Peters popped up. Stars? I never even heard the names or seen those two faces. Normally, when this happens I notice that the “stars” are huge names in sport or so… But this is actors… Feel so lost.

Still to cold mornings and evenings in Paris to be spring.

Finally, I want Ariola to release new crisp remastered versions of Amanda Lear albums, mostly the 4 you can see bits of on today picture

Have a lovely Friday, Go to school the climate will change anyway.