September ends

So, today is the only day ever it will be the last of September 2019 and then only 3 months left of this year… It’s unbelievable how fast time goes.

Imagine it’s 25 years ago since Estonia went under. I discussed this with a friend of mine yesterday… I remember how I and my date back then was on our way to Mallorca on the same date, and the morning news talked about the accident that morning.

25 years! My God.


September Paris

You all know the drill… September, if an Indian Summer (In Swedish: Brittsommar), sometimes one of the best months of the year. Daytime, enough sun to keep you warm, and the evenings never cold, a jacket is enough to sit all night at your favorite table in your favorite cafè.

September 2019 do not live up to those standards, not so far. And if the weekend will rain away thanks heaven for the World Championships in Doha. If I can find a French TV channel airing the event.

But in any case, it’s Friday, TGIF, so have a nice weekend all of ya’



As you know my VISA been hacked a few weeks ago and it kind of put my life on hold – try to live without a VISA card for a while.

But yesterday I noticed that some reimbursements been made for some of the purchases made. Far from all and not for the high amount once but still.

So who knows… They might even find the person/persons behind the scam. At least I want to know from where and how they got my card information.

Have a nice day out there


Time for French

One day closer to end the “no French studies” period (Summer) and go for it, again.

In the meantime I watch Greta Thunbergs speach in the UN and actually get depressed. It’s time for someone to wake up, and ask the question; WTF! where are the grown ups in the Fridays for future movement?

You put this extreme hard task upon the shoulders of a child, a child with Aspbergers, and watch her crack piece by piece. All cause you know a child will get more publicity than grown ups. It’s a shame and will never end well for the child.

You watch a child, whom for real is terrified to go to bed thinking she won’t wake up in the morning and wake up EVERY day afraid. Not worried or angry, afraid and in panic… And you think it will end well?

I don’t care if you agree on the climate change theories or think it’s pure bulls*** but this is not fair to her.


Found this on Aspbergers:

A meltdown is where a person with autism or Asperger’s temporarily loses control because of emotional responses to environmental factors. They aren’t usually caused by one specific thing. Triggers build up until the person becomes so overwhelmed that they can’t take in any more information

Boss day

Friday, and today the “Patron” visits my bureau for meetings. Make me think about two things. First the fact that the French word for Office, Bureau, not half as funny to say compared to “Mon petit l’Office”. Second; Fridays not a good day for meeting your boss, supposed to be the unwind the week day

Have a nice weekend all of ya’



Going back a to a few days ago I told you that my card been used for purchase flight tickets for someone, somewhere… And now a few days later I can say it’s extremely stressful to just sit and wait for the credit card company to get back with instructions on what’s going to happen now.

Even register the police report seems in retrospective as a simple thing to do.

Knowing that the credit card company got all the papers, cause they signed for it, I can only wait.

So contact them you say, oh no, no phone or email address anywhere just instructions on how to file the report.

So here I am, with around 20 euro attached to my name and the end of the month and paying bill time coming up. Again: Stressful…

This will continue

Picture from the web



Yesterday I found some new applications for my iPhone to be able to get some more statistics out of iTunes media player. Might sound like a “petit” thing in a persons life but for me, a major list nerd, it’s like a 24th of December in September (Christmas in Sweden is on the 24th of December).

But still, I don’t have a way to get all this stats on my computer and from the complete music selection just on the phone and the music I downloaded to the phone.

So if you read this and have found a Apple App for iTunes or a program to download for statistics please let me know.


Paperwork, done!

As said in an earlier post my VISA card been hacked last week and someone out there having the time of their life’s, travel the world on my expense. Flight tickets and tax-free perfume.

Both I and the Bank said the same thing… How stupid are people to buy flight tickets, you have names on them – so I have a feeling it’s not that easy… Something is going on I or the Bank don’t understand. Can you buy a ticket in someone else name (without any ID control) and return them for cash? Might it be the scam here?

In any case all the paperwork been sent, from Police report to the forms the bank asked for. And the girl at the customer service gave me to following:

  • They receive the reports
  • The money is returned
  • The investigation starts
  • If the investigation end up in this being my fault they charge the account again for the money they reimbursed from start

So let’s see what will happen, until some confirmation the upcoming days will be really poor once, living on my “Ticket Restaurant” (in Swedish: Rikskupong).