Cut – And I do not mean in the Freudian way

So, after almost 5 months my normally 2mm hair made an appointment with scissors today. With the instructions, it’s finally long enough to do whatever you want to do.

They did, but kind of the same as in February but a bit longer. Together with me testing the new line of products I bough for myself we will see if I will be able to maintain this haircut as I want it to be… Fashionable messy…

But a great day, the first trial with my new headphones worked out well, but I fight to decided what size of the earthingys I will use. Both the largest and next to largest sit well but I need to try both for a bit longer.

And tomorrow is the big day… Have a nice evening


Early Birthday present

Got my early birthday present from me to me today. A Sudio Tolv, in ear headphones – no attached cords what so ever.

ince I loved my Sudio Vasa I had to make a choice to either buy a new pair or try some of the new models, and went for the middle price range since I don’t know if I really will like them or if they actually stay “in ear”, which Apples don’t.

And also, the most important thing with head phones, no leakage. I might get back to it.

My 19th of October appointment for the ultra sound already changed to the 20th of October and for the first time in history I made a haircut appointment o line here in France. So now its time to decide, go back to what I know, change hairstyle or let it grow.

We will see tomorrow.


When you over sleep

After going to bed early yesterday, to wake up in time to do some laundry and actually start the course on line work registered me for I woke up extra late 11h00 and after that not much really happened.

I went out to buy food, and then all of a sudden 17h00 not that fun.

And tomorrow DHL will come with a package between 9h00-18h00 (love their time frames) so I need to stay inside. So some French studies maybe?


More “Staycation”

Or in Swedish, “Hemester”. As sur, we all have huge amount of time to do all the things we usually tell ourselves we don’t have time to do. So why do I find myself, on a Sunday, in my sofa watching “Star Trek”? Not working on the website, not doing a real cleaning in kitchen and bathroom or try to understand why I all of a sudden get rashes after shaving? Not a pretty sight at the moment… Not only getting older now I have red spots in the face looking like some kind of infection.

Nice? Not at all.

So we will see, how next week will turn out, maybe I actually can be more up to the tasks pending domestically.



Yes I said it before, it seems like “Championnet” changed management, and now I know this is the case (and unfortunately not me). The new name of the watering hole is:

I guess this will wake up the Swedish woke people and an attack is coming on. If they knew.

But the worst thing with all this is that they changed the beer to something more or less not even close to be good. A nasty brand really. And if all the other options is out of stock you need to drink this, what in Swedish is “Rävgift”

So take care… 🙂


Party Chez moi

I have a playlist, “Party Chez moi” and it is perfect for a home party, Fiesta del Casa, Hemma fest. But songs only get added, and I feel its time to really look this playlist over. Started today and ended up with not wanting to take any song out. It’s kind of the best playlist ever.

So I also checked my “Most played” list an seriously… French music is really taking over even if it is good oldies mostly. The screen shot is a smaller version of this one:

7 most played songs 2020 07 24

And its also true that the songs on my “Party Chez moi” playlist climb on the most played list… So more and more 80s music will enter there for sure.

But, not the subject of this post, I decided to go out tonight, yes, hide the heart problems and meet people behind their masks, but then I shaved and got these red marks all over my face, like an allergy. Can’t go out looking like this… Like I shaved using a grater.

So happy me to have some Casal Garcia at home, the “Party Chez Moi” playlist and good friends on line.



I have a feeling staycation won’t be any fun at all, sit inside in a too hot apartment watching the “Star Trek” bundle and the “Dynasty” box drinking Perrier or if its fiesta time maybe go for a Orangina.

Another toying thing is that I booked my time for the stress test by sending an email to the clinic. Now trying to book a time for the ultrasound they email back, “call us”.

Why not, “We don’t take bookings by emails, next time call us but for now we suggest….” All since they actually took time to write an answer in the first place.

My staycation won’t really start until I have done the ultrasound and visited the dentist, then I will relax.


Vacation day 1

The vacation started today with a visit to the Doctor to look at the results of the tests and get a new one planned, the ultrasound. We will se when I get a time for it.

Then called in for some work and ut ended with a workday not a vacation day, but this day was moved so an extra day of vacation in August.

The photo is from the café while I waited for the clock to turn 11h30, my appointment with the Doctor.

Nice day today