As suspected

As suspected me joining Apple Music fu**** up my library – not from joining but when I decided to leave, again. I tried Apple Music when it was introduced and again a few days ago, but it is not for me. I hate Apple Music, a product developed from Apple not cause their users wanted it, they wanted it. And that’s OK, but for heavens sake why not ask the users what they want before create a monster like Apple Music.

I do not want all my playlists on my phone or iPad. I want to decide, not the cloud. And OK, leave the playlists, but for heavens sake synk all songs not some of them. I have my 40 most played songs / month in playlists, but on my phone only 38 or the worst one only 14 was synced.

I do not stream music, I buy music, CDs or mp3, so I want all songs to be there, but no…. some kind of magical disappeared.

So now leaving Apple Music so did a lot of my files and most important tags… So I have work to do. But what I hate the most right now, the play count is gone. Thank you Apple.


December 2020

First of all I like to say too my fine family, thank you for spreading the word about my movie start look alike…

I know, I found it first and told the world.

Second of all I am alive, no covid, but still locked up at my home and nothing happens. I am not even trying new wines out for my Saturday wine evening. I stay with he ones I have.

But I have now started a 3 month trial of Apple Music, and so far I am sure I won’t continue – it’s not how I listen to music and as long as the social media part of the service do not work there is no reason to continue.

Take care


Whats the point?

Today I started the day with a blood test before my next medical checkup, and I was curious on the result since I was told I had to loose weight and keep a diet to change the results from my blood tests. I needed lower cholesterol, less sugar and fat in the blood stream. And the way to do it, diet, diet some more diet and workouts to loose weight.

Almost 10 kg lighter, tortured myself with sallad and always hungry, no bread apart from 1 day a week, water and more water, not going out having a beer I received the results from this morning’s test. All the bad results supposed to decrease have actually gone worse, I actually had less blood fats, sugar and cholesterol before diet and exercise on a daily basis.

So whats the point really? Will be interessting to see what the doctor say Monday.


So another Tuesday

Another Tuesday passed, a December Tuesday, the first one in 2020. So, Tuesday means working from the office and a new Covid test to put in the file among all the rest.

And walk home since I can’t power walk over lunch when I work in the office, and that walk was cold… Really cold. The winter is here now, winter Paris way so just wait for it… the Rain.