The longest week in history

It’s only Thursday, Thursday in the longest week in history… An awful week, and I don’t know why I feel like that. But every day kind of never ends.

A normal day fly by from morning to after lunch, and the hours before “go home bitch” time is usually slow but not suicidal long. This week been like “Please, show me where you Frenchies hidden the guillotine?”, from morning to evening. Unfortunately also in the evenings, the free time been a drag.

So, what to do, just walk down the memory lane or try to spice things up a bit. The looking back opportunity turn up yesterday when a colleague asked for my participation on “no shave October” and I had the opportunity to pull up a picture from 1991.

Got an offer to take part of the “No shave October” challenge, but I kind of already been there… So Pic from 1991 presented and a kind “no, been there, done that”. I guess the invite came cause I have not shaved since Saturday.

Another thing is I discovered this:

Barnstol at a colleagues desk

Yes, a children seat for a bike. It suddenly turned up at a colleagues desk and not much to add there, sounds normal… But I had no idea he was a dad, nor that he used a bike. So big surprise there. Too me the person is a typical scooter person and kind of 12 years old which is not enough years under the belt to have a family already.

You learn as long as you breathe.


Nipples – a no go zone

You might think, from the words above, that Nipples is a suburb part of Paris… But no, we actually talk human nipples here.

I have heard it over and over, from marathon runners and people spending time with the sport “gång” / “walking” (I just learned the English word for it is “racewalking”), that their nipples get sore. Whatever they wear on top chafe their nipples.

And yes, I can believe it, and they put different kinds of protection to safeguard their nipples… Now, when I use the treadmill at the gym I must do the same. It is ridiculous, I know, but my right nipple at the moment is not a nipple it is what a butcher would call minced meat. Painful and a bloody mess, just wait for the day when it bleed through my work outfit. Try to explain that stain…

Add to my no longer existing life, when I returned back home yesterday (I might tell more about my time miscalculation in upcoming posts) and tried to jump off my bike I managed to kick a passing cyclist. A bit harder and she would have ended up in front of a car. Not good.


Dismount your bike without kicking people behind you

And to end todays post with something in Swedish, I know some will see offensive, but I think it is hysterical and funny.

A “I can’t stop laughing moment


Green friends

No, this post is not about green friends, not from outer space or Greta-fans. Just wanted to use the photo.

But, a part of this post will be about the fact that on Friday Mylène release the concert tickets for the concerts in June 2023 (hard to say if you will be alive or even still living in Paris). 2 concerts in Paris. If you remember the former concert it sold out for two weeks almost at once. But… This time its a tour so maybe added cities and countries will take some of the pressure off the Paris concerts.

Myléne Farmer, Nevermore2023

But I will try to get a ticket, even if it will make me a very poor boy for the rest of the month… I also have to buy flight tickets to Stockholm over Halloween.



Now he really is here, kind of, I mean… He arrived a while ago but now also on the posters all over Paris. My comment? Boys will be boys, and if grown ups like to run around chasing a ball… OK, do it, but I never get it. But I also think everyone should have something strange to nerd in on so it actually is a good thing, if football fans could calm down and behave.

Other things, I actually thought biking and workout should get easier after a while, but right now it feels like it’s the first time in history I sit on a bike and using the treadmill. I don’t get it, it’s toucher and toucher and I sweat more and more and more. Why? It’s for sure not normal, will be a interesting discussion with my doctor the upcoming weeks, whenever I can get an appointment.

Meetings piling up and I have to change the time over and over, but soon I have to do it, and then the internal fight to get days off.

I also thank my employer to, again, not pay the salary in time, for the first time since I moved to Paris I actually got a minus in my bank account caused by the rent payment. Scheduled on the 25th each month.

Thanks for nothing



Yes, not much happened according to plans today. I got stuck infront of a podcast, I usually never listen to podcasts if its not history. But now, the serialkiler pod… Seriously, its sick and very disturbing 🙂

But the day is not over, I will try to go out and have a meal. Hopefully I can eat, have not tried yet today, the scars in the mouth hurts.



OK, I have not done my 60 minutes minimum every day this week since I injured my leg, but for sure, again… The week I add bread to the food, I gain weight. 1.2 kg since last Friday, but had bread every day passed week – can only blame myself

Dentist surgery today went well, but shit what it hurts when the anesthesia stops. I also need to find a day for stitches to be taken and the cleaning. Won’t be popular among colleagues.


Strange morning

As you all know I always listen to Swedish radio in the morning before leaving for office (if working from home podcasts). No change in the routine this morning but all of sudden, for the first time since ABBA announced their comeback album no ABBA songs aired. Kind of used to hear the two released songs each morning now, but no… That news getting colder.

So, yesterdays workout… 30 minutes less than normal, but both rings been closed, movement and training.

When I leave later than normal, and for that reason workout later I get stressed and then I jump on the treadmill and start the powerwalk not at all relaxed. And of course I hurt myself. So it will be interesting to see how the workout sessions today and tomorrow (before my surgery) will work out. Cause I have to do the treadmill Friday morning, have no idea if I will be able to workout over the weekend after the surgery. Mostly cause I guess it might be a bit of a fever like the last time.

So that is my update of the day.