Promises, promises

Promised yesterday a post on something that have to wait one more day, cause I am in the mood for wine and on my way out.

But… Tomorrow, if everything going according to plan, my new Sudio E2 will arrive, and by chance the app Timehop reminded me today that it was 2 years ago my Sudio 12 arrived (the pair that died, most likely by sweat). Thought it was longer, 2 years is a very short time to be honest. But but, I am still in my very old Sudio Bla Vasa until the new pair arrives. And yes, tomorrow if they for ones can get the instructions right. I will try to be home between 10.30 – 13.30 but it depends on the gym.

My dead Sudio 12 (will miss the perfect color… My new pair is Jade… Sound like they will be dirty after one week.

Have a nice evening now


When fear strikes

Yes, I have been able to 100% block the fact that I have to go to the dentist before he takes his summer vacation… Which is now. You all know my history with dentists… I rather dress in drag and enter a mosque in Riyadh then go to dentist. The horror is monumental.

But my mind is with me on this, it blocks it completely and I forget about it. That is how life goes.

If I remember I will write something about the definition of stupidity tomorrow, and the proof how true it is.


TGIF – Again

So another TGIF, and a better one cause I won’t be in office for 2 weeks now. Yes, I know, I complaint a lot that we need to take 2 weeks off in summer when it’s true stupidity to do so… We need vacation in winter, not during summer. But, the law is there, and I will be off work for two weeks.

And the Swedish store is also soon closed for the summer, so I pasted by yesterday to get the important stuff: Grillkrydda, Yes, mustard, Lingonberry jam, shrimp paste and pickled beets.

The some other stuff just happen to be there so Falukorv, våffelmix and Trocadero made room in the shopping bag. But if it’s possible I will do another tour there today or tomorrow to add some not important but yummie stuff as well. I noticed more Trocadero bottles and also Pommac, and of course Ostbågar, Bilar etc.

With that, have a nice TGIF and I will living of Falukorv this weekend, short date 🙂


Thursdays at the gym

Thursdays at the gym is actually the perfect day for a 10 km treadmill morning, if not work existed that is. The gym is more or less empty on Thursdays, even less than Monday mornings, or at 06h00 Saturdays and Sundays. So it is possible to try new things (things = machines) and no need to “play it cool” if you can’t manage to lift 250 kg on one hand. But C’ est la vie… I don’t want to get into the office to late, to stay until 21h00 before it’s possible to go home. I’m not working at that department… None mentioned, so free to guess my friends.


40 degrees

While I can agree that high temperatures is a nightmare in a big city and when you working you can survive it. It’s not that often, and knowing that people normally travel for vacation to places with this kind of temperatures just to have some sun and heat makes the extreme red maps over Europe kind of stupid.

Come on if we have 40 degrees for a month, then we can talk. But 2 days? Really?

And of course, months before the election, the Green Party in Sweden now see it’s chance to scare people into voting for them. And want to higher taxes in Sweden to save Portugal from forest fires. Be aware… Taxes is what will meet Sweden if the Greens will stay as an political power after the election in September.


And at the same time in Sweden

A lindy hop competition almost got cancelled in Sweden cause someone pointed out that white people dancing lindy hop is cultural appropriation. And that opinion don’t take the focus away from real racism at all…

If people could use words for when it’s needed instead of just point out everything they personally don’t like as, for example, racism, the world might actually stand a chance. Now the word is so misused that it lost it’s meaning.

I mean, it’s not racism to dance lindy hop…

Just an opinion.