TGIF and Bubbles

So, finally another Friday. Normally a day to wrap stuff up and go rested and calm into the joy of the weekend. But today is unpleasant meetings all morning. Do not feel in Friday mood at all.

I also must remind you all how stupid Swedes are by giving you this image:

First question in a Q&A with experts about the ongoing gas leak

Some experts opened a Q&A about the ongoing gas leak in the Baltic Sea. And the first question? Yes you might have guessed it “Can you swim in the bubbles”.

TGIF on you all,


I miss summer

Look at that picture, it’s morning. Looks like Stockholm in the middle of December, darkness (no snow thanks heaven). I don’t know when, just know it will, the winter lowness will kick in. As said to a colleague a few years ago, “I’m happy I’m not suicidal, cause if I was I would jump into the Seine when summers over”.

I hope all of you are fine though. I noticed it will rain in Paris, 100% risk, this weekend, and first reaction turned out to be a huge “FU**”, then I noticed how my apartment looked and it will be a perfect opportunity to actually clean. Not that it’s dirty, but SO messy.

Take care….

SO true
Decided to take the uphill way today. To find out if it’s faster (as I remember it) and that I managed without a complete collapse. OK, yes it is faster, but only 5 minutes (when Paris streets are empty and a green light streak it takes 12 minutes). And I did manage all the way. But this doing Gym in the morning make me start from home when rush hour start in Paris. And it’s a huge difference in time saved and risk. We can call it bad risk management.

Countdown week

Even if Laila still bring me to work and back home it is the last week of everyday biking. It’s cold and wet and I need to be able to take the Metro on rainy days. Not wanna, but have too. So October might be the first month in a while now when I actually buy a Metro card again.

Also, it’s getting cold, so my heart don’t feel on top of the world, and it’s not getting better since I keep forgetting to take the meds. Not good for two reasons… Health, and the fact that I soon have the 6 month heart check up. The test results will be awful if I don’t take the meds, and then I might be forced to more meds or even worse (worse or best time ever) a few weeks of sick leave.

We will see.


Found this amazing t-shirt on Twitter. Lucky guy.


Sunday 25th pf September 2022, the elevator was out of order and I needed to take the stairs, all 6 floors, up and down… Did 3 times before I checked the workout app on my phone and it said: “0 stairs today” – I can’t figure it out how the app calculate stairs, cause one day with no elevator give 0, but sometimes I get 20 stairs by just take a step from the street to the pavement.

The cold is not 100% yet, I feel better today, but it might be caused by the fact that I went to bed really early yesterday and rested some of it out. So who knows, after this mornings bike ride to work, through icebergs and drift ice, the cold might kick start it all again. And this week won’t be funny from the bike point of view. Rain all week, I can just hope it won’t rain in the mornings so I arrive to work more or less dry. But I do refuse to buy a Metro card for just 5 days left in September. If I made it through August and so far in September there is no reason to not go for the month.

I managed half through October last year, so hopefully it will happen now aussi. But it is colder out this year – so much for global warming.


This years most boring post

I know, I am a nerd, I would spend hours to look into peoples playlists and “most played” smart playlists… But most people do not do that.

but anyway, this evening I went out and just wanted a nice relaxed evening out, so…. Order a bottle of wine, earplugs in and listen to my own music. Usually I go for the playlist “Party chez moi” but tonight I changed and went for “Most played genre” and the genre I picked was “Pop Swedish” – a smart playlist updating the songs by it’s own, and even I got surprised of some of the songs popping up.

(Playlist “Pop Swedish 50 most played”

Some surprises, but at the end of it all, SO me!!!

Sleep well and yes… If you don’t have those songs already, go for it, download like it was the last thing you going to do.


Also a way to start the day

Otrivin, perfect most of the time when you have a beginning cold. In this case a man-cold from hell of course. Women talk about giving birth, they have no idea how it is for a man to catch a cold.

So, after the morning sneeze I went for the Otrivin and by that initiate a noose bleed… I have not had a noose bleed for years (what I can remember), but dry cold air will never make wonders for your nose.

Pretty me in the morning

The cold also made me decide to skip the workout this morning and see if it’s better in the afternoon. Hopefully I can fill the apple workout app rings by the bike ride to and from work today. I also realize that this shill with rain (next week) will be a nightmare.

Todays morning bikeride to work.

But have a nice Thursday now my friends, I will most likely have a day at the office doing what I have to do and not so much more. I’m not at my best right now at least.


Kind of freeze my ass off

Paris in the morning and late evenings is not at all a joy at the moment. Like Swedish winter – you are so cold in the beginning, even if it’s around 5 degrees, and later on the minus 10 won’t feel cold at all… Yea, feel cold but you actually felt worse in the beginning with the 5.

Paris now is amazing as soon as you are in the sun, feels like summer, but as soon as the sun is behind the clouds and every little wind sets in it’s igloo time.

That said, time for some music updates….

First in memoriam, 2 years since Anita Lindblom left France and the earth.

And then of course the iTunes charts and Spotify charts. My own, not the official ones.

iTunes, past 7 days Katz, Bananarama, Delaporte, Mylène Farmer, Nacha la Macha, Dajte Muzika, Victor Leksell and Peter Wilson is the most played ones on my iTunes playlist.

With that let’s take a look on the 4 past weeks on Spotify.

Among the artists we find this top 10, not the most hetero normative list in the world to be honest 🙂

And songs then?

Actually a 8 song playlist I could put on repeat before a night out. All of them also get’s better with some wine.



Yes, winter is here

Can’t say it in any other way. People having colds, freezing temp both in and out (in… No heat before end of October in France, this year who know, maybe longer).

And as cherry on the top today I was a bit later than normal going to work and seriously… Just a 10-15 minutes kind of filled up the roads with people (not a fan) on bikes, scooters, skateboards, cars as well as deliveries to stores and restaurants. Another reason to miss summer or 40 degrees when people don’t go out.