30th of April 2021 & TGIF

The first thing to do today will be to wish all my Swedish readers a Happy Valborg (or we can also add the fact that it’s the Swedish Kings birthday and say Happy Birthday).

I doubt there will be any “Valborgsmässoeld” in Paris this year even if the Swedish community usually very inventive, so some photos from way back in Tungelsta, Sweden.

Then we can make a jump into the Covid report, this week and the figures behind the new Corona restrictions the French Government will put in place from the 3rd of May, 19th of May and beginning of June 2021.

So what is the plan? Again the French Government will, if the gossip tells the truth, implement a plan without logic. So no doubt the French will interpret them so it fits into their own lifestyle.

  1. Curfew still in place, but from 20h00
  2. Opening of cinemas, museums and events for outdoor 1000 people and indoors 800 people
  3. Cafè, Restaurants can open up outside, but only 2 at each table
  4. You can have 10 people in your apartment
  5. Work from home is still the main option

So how to read this? OK, The Corona virus is still more dangerous in the late nights than at 19h00 or 19h30. Outdoor, on a terrace, the virus gets vicious if there is more than 2 people at each table but not at all at a sports event for 1000 people or at a mask free event in your home for 10 people.

And of course, again, alcohol is the worst thing ever when it comes to spreading the virus. Not the Metro, Supermarket or even worse the open markets.

Too me all this makes no sense and is hard to understand why. Most of the French people feel the same so people do not listen as much anymore. But I look forward to the second weekend of open terraces cause then I will be there (the first will be a nightmare), and for sure in June when the curfew is said to be 23h00.

Plan for the opening up

No, let’s wrap this up with a translation.. Hugs, TGIF, and take care…


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