7066 is the amount of Kcal I managed to burn last week, Monday – Sunday. Yes read it again, its kind of depressing. All the hours spent on the bike and in the gym and only 7066 Kcal… Consider that 1 lettuce leaf is 68.989 Kcal how the “F” are you supposed to loose Kg’s?

The photo this morning , the view from outside work (standing there waiting for the Security to open, not in time during “summer”), so it is a Monday morning, Paris wakes up photo. But from Paris I need to throw in some Swedish news. The Swedish PM, Stefan Löfvèn resigns and step down in November 2021. Not a day too soon even if everyone understands it is 100% tactics cause of the elections in 2022.

He would have lost that election and since the Swedish Socialdemocrat party think, and have said it, all other Governments possible in Sweden, without the Socialdemocrats, is a threat to democracy. Not only a threat in Sweden, a threat to democracy world wide.

So, the number one favorite is the Finance minister Magdalena Andersson, but even if Swedes might be seduced to vote for her (woman and well known) that would not change anything in the politics. She is Löfvèn light.

So who are the other possibles? In Swedish media:

Ardalan Shekarabi, Mikael Damberg, Magdalena Andersson, Anders Ygeman and Lena Hallengren

So a quick look, Ygeman and Hallengren would be death for the Socialdemocrats in a election, both are total airheads without one single opinion of there own. Follow the wind, change their opinions over and over, say one thing and do the opposite. So I do not think any of them will a choice. IF any maybe Hallengren, cause she is a younger woman and right now “female” seems to be the first criterion in Swedish media. Any kind of political ideas is secondary at the moment.

Andersson will not change much, she will have a boost over the next election (and S will stay in power) but then Swedes might see that she don’t change anything. And to be honest, she loves to be the Finance minister and collect taxes taxes taxes. She is Prince John in Disneys “Robin Hood”.

I don’t have much to say about Shekarabi or Damberg, both are anonymous even if they been in the game for long. No one knows what Damberg actually think or like to do. But of the two, I would prefer Shekarabi. Rumors that Shekarabi lies a lot might be his downfall.

But Shekarabi has a interesting Twitter account, he actually want to change things. BUT, it’s always when the opinion changes among the Swedish public. He’s never first, just follows.

Then we have the dark horses, people I actually will love if they get elected cause it will put the Socialdemocrats under 10% for sure. Veronica Palm, Annika Strandhäll and Morgan Johansson. So please pick one of those three.

But for now, welcome to a new day and even new week. For me it’s back to normal with all colleagues and managers in place again.


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