A few days of spring

So finally it arrived, spring, a few days of spring hit Paris this weekend and will stay until noon Wednesday if the reports do not lie. But this week is kind of already in tunnel vision mood – dentist. It is the only thing on my mind since yesterday and will stay there until I leave the chair, pay and walk out.

Après Dentist mood is: Go out like a normal person, find a place to sit and start to breath again, go home, go to bed and try to sleep crawled up in fetal position.

And yes, I know, my mind tell me it’s not dangerous, I am aware, but as said… I rather swim with some great whites than go to the dentist. And unfortunately there is no shark swimming close by.

So, this weekend I challenged by doctor and actually went out and drank some beers, just to feel normal for the last time for a while. But at least I followed all protocol… No one else at the table, not close to anyone – and today (last of May) it’s corona test time.

Have a nice week you non dentist goers


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