A stay at home Eurovision

2018 Final

Some years you experience the final of Eurovision in a bar together with friends, sometimes you have a Eurovision party and as in 2018 a calm evening at home.

Alone you watch more intense and in relaxing clothing. Tonights outfit a hoodie and over sized underwear… More information than needed maybe…

But of course, the best choice is to have a Eurovision party with people from different countries watching, and have a 2 hour warm up with either old entries on TV or from the Stereo. If the host take the evening serious the mix will be previous winners, favorites and entries from the countries where the guests come from. And of course a voting table with clear rules. If all of the attending guest are fans the host can ask them to rank all entries and give them points from 1 – 26, if its a mix of fans and Eurovision virgins a simple Eurovision schedule is enough, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & Douze.

If you are out in a Bar it depends on how the owner put it together, important, good viewing and sound, you need to be able to see and hear and discuss. If it is a dedicated Eurovision Bar (more a case in Sweden even if the are slowly fading away) voting can be arranged before the votings done on TV. Its important to show the customers result before the voting start for real. Also important, play the Eurovision hits in the bar 1 hour pre the show and 1 hour post the show (this rule is for Bars normally not Eurovision friendly), Eurovision Bars will of course keep on as usual.

Voila, in any case, computer, iPad, wine and water + snacks (most likely to stay in their bags throughout the evening) ready and this year its a stay at home alone evening.

Have a nice evening everyone and if you like to see my predictions for tonight you can click here.

By the way, soon to be published in the Eurovision tab on my website, all charts for the 1980 – 1989….


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