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In the middle of the workout yesterday I remembered I forgot something in yesterdays blogpost. But, no edit, I needed something for today as well, so here we go…

Another problem to bike in Paris is the visually beautiful cobblestone streets AND unfortunately also, the bike lanes.

Cobblestones gives a city an air of being old, charming and beautiful but from a practical point of view it’s not the best material.

Here in Paris they also realize this but attack the problem in a very strange way, the put asphalt over the cobblestones. Just two weeks ago they finalized this kind of work outside the office where I work… Took three weeks to dig up, place the cobblestones back and asphalt it.

Now two weeks later the layer of asphalt is worn down already and the street is not as smooth as expected.

In any case, a need, if you want to make Paris a bike friendly city is to asphalt the bike lanes. And do it well.

So that was the bike lane thingy of the day


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