Amazing “Thursday”

Woke up this wonderful Thursday morning and managed to have Thursday until around 10 minutes before leaving my apartment. Then the ugly truth hit me, Tuesday.

That feeling, when you start to plan the weekend and have it all in your head, tidy up, laundry, a nice bottle of “Casal Garcia Rosè” with ice and then walking down to the local Brasserie of your choice and just sit down and watch people (one of the best things in life, in France, Morocco or anywhere with no real winter) until “not to late” but a bit later than normal.

So… Tuesday! The week have not even started and every string of DNA screaming stay home! The brain goes: “Are you sure you not a little bit sick?” – But not that lucky.

And France not so lucky either, whipped by Switzerland, taste that… France beaten by the Swiss in football (not hockey), but since I was able to sleep all night (no screaming neighbors) I kind of woke up with the knowledge that France was out.

And watching pictures on the net this morning I really need to write a blog post on football players and their personalities. Seriously guys, as cocky as you are when you win, please keep that in a defeat and not cry like babies. It’s a game!

And then reading Twitter, Swedish Tweets, obviously there is a poor Swiss guy named Granit* (a name that takes me to either Flintstones or Hedenhös), and he is NOT popular in Sweden. People hate him and obviously they hate him even more cause of his hair. He is seriously bullied in Swedish Twitter streams, from football fans – not main stream media.

In any case, biking to work I noticed that France is taking down all flags and other signs of the European Championships this morning… Act fast.


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