Another mp3 Sunday

Another Sunday dedicated to new mp3 tags. It’s nowadays kind of my Sunday “enjoyment”. And hopefully someday in the future I will be satisfied with all the tags and stop invent some new info I must include in the tagging.

When done I will try to decide if I shall put all mp3s into the cloud. Most likely to then need to re tag again. A never ending story.

I hope, when my time is over, someone will take care of all the mp3s. Someone as much of a nerd as I am when it comes to my music library.

At the same time as my own tag factory is in work I watch TV series and I must say I fallen for the TV series “Instinct” and think I will start to watch “The Good Fight” (replaced “The good wife”) as well as “Bull”. But I can’t find where “Bull” is streamed. It’s not HBO or Netflix.

Yes I know, I might have bigger problems don’t I?

Take care, this last week locked in.


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