Bad news travels fast

The saying, “Bad news travels fast” is most likely correct most of the times. Sometimes they travel slow… Those bad news.

I was told, today, that my own “Peter Pan”, who was added to my 80s version of “Ursula”, passed away earlier this year, in late September. His name was Peter, and the Pan been added, cause to me, he was the boy whom never whished to grow up. But at the end he was forced to grow up, and at a point we slipped apart, even if always keeping an eye on each other on social media.

But in the 80s Peter and I was kind of joined by the hips, where he was you could find me, and the other way around. We even shared an apartment for what turned out to be longer than planned. He needed a place to crash for one night and 12 months later, still there…

Peter is such a huge part of my 80s that it’s hard to get others too understand. We were so tight, shared so much.

For you, who never lived through the 80s, he was one of the few back then close friends, still here today. We lost so many friends together, all caused by HIV, and Peter for sure suffered more personal lost than I did, all when Bo passed away. But we were there together, weak and strong together through it all. Also, we both might have been a bit surprised to not catch the plague of the 80s.

But we had fights… gosh when we falled out! it was drama on a level that made the drama icons of the time, Krystal and Alexis, look like a fight in a children sandbox. But always finding the path back, over and over and again and again. All until my Peter Pan actually did grow up and slowly faded away. Contact was more and more on SMS and on FaceBook. He did not want to meet, even if I tried to get us together for a coffee as late as 2019.

I guess Peter Pan wanted to keep my memory of him as the 80s guy, the rascal, I always leaned on and needed on so many occasions.

Peter, I will always remember the good and the bad times we spent together. Like Dolly “I will always love you”.

Even if I am aware your answer would have been:

“Dolly? No Gerda, that’s like Thompson Twins more “lies, lies, lies”.

But it’s not, “I will always love you” as the boy I keep in my heart.

RIP Peter, from the boy you called Gerda

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