Brioni commercials

Walking around in Paris, more or less walking around in any city or village in the world you are exposed to advertising. It is something we need to get used too from a young age, wanted or not. So I walking around learning about how many new friends I will get if I just buy the new Coca Cola Mango or how much better I will look with some Balenciagas on my feets the messages kind of not stick. So the new Brioni advert all over Paris have been there for some time now and I have seen it without seeing it.

To add to this story you need to know that I, without glasses, can’t see anything further away than 2 meters, so today when I was unintentional pushed closer to the advert I learned that the guy in the picture is Brad Pitt. For sure I would never been able to point him out as Brad Pitt in the picture below.

He is born 1963 and my first thought after the epiphany who actually were in that picture was “God he’s gettin’ OLD (not looking old though)” without a thought that he is only 1 year above me.

In any case, here he is:

Would you have been able to recognize him without reading his name in the left upper corner?

For you who don’t speak Swedish it’s also a fact the Pitt sin Swedish means penis. Just so you know.


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