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Back from St Petersburg

From Russia with love

So, back from St Petersburg in Russia and not from a vacation trip, just work so not much of a chance to experience the city. In any case I’ve been there before… But then it was Leningrad.

I hope to be able to go back cause St Petersburg is an amazing city, so beautiful in the city center (I suppose the suburbs will give a different and similar picture as all other amazing cities in Europe)

So enjoy some of the pictures in the gallery


why did i eat those frogs

Frogs, making fun of the French?

Not at all, “varför åt jag dessa grodorna” is a way of saying (if you are older than 35) “shit happens” or maybe “that was stupid of me”.

So what now? What have you done? I kind of ended up in the same situation as last year, alone to plan a conference. Not planned but still happens.

Hopefully the escalator take me up there again in the future


And today he will arrive

And today he will arrive

And no, It’s not a religious statement, the person to arrive today is the new manager at work. We are not many in my department at the moment so when he is here we will be 2 1/2 person (including the new manager). So lets say we look forward to some days with a lot of updates and training and then together we will take a deep breath and work.


What is considered a disease?

Today’s big question is what is considered a disease? And when is it OK to stay home.

Flue? A simple cold? Rain?

I go for rain…. I think rain is a valid sickness. It’s annoying, if you don’t stay in you will for sure catch it and like a pandemic all citizens in a huge city like Paris will be affected.

So Parisians… Shall we stay in today and call the Mutuelles?

Bonne Weekend folks


Monday, Tuesday….

When do people work?

OK, it is a fact that the working hours in France in major different from the Swedish one. In Sweden we start earlier to be able to go home before the evenings get to dark, and yes there is as always not applicable to the service sector.

In France you begin later, have lunch later and work kind of forever. Still after three years those facts still makes me wonder how the French have time for anything, but fact is I’m the strange bird here. And after years raise up early and be able to have hours after work to do things is kind of in my genes, I am more productive in the mornings than in the evenings. A situation my more South European co-workers don’t agree with at all. Culture differences raised from the sun raise and set. With the French way of living a Sweden would never see the sun, EVER.

BUT one thing is the same in both Sweden and France.

  • Monday morning, not chaos in the Metro or buses, there are people but as a commuter you do not feel the need to fight for your right to take a place on the commute alternative of your choice.
  • Tuesday, what? Is it a holiday? Why is the Metro empty? Why is it only Japanese tourist? Yes the Japanese tourists start early here in Paris, while Tuesdays in Stockholm have the same feeling but without the early bird tourists.
  • Wednesday, OK, what happened now? Why is all of Paris suddenly on their way to work at this hour? Your choice is to either piggyback or by force rip off your co-commuters backpacks (still one of my favorite French words: “SACK-A-DOOOO”, of course you say it tilting your head and face the moon like a wolf). Why on Wednesdays? And it’s the same in Stockholm.
  • Thursday, more or less like Wednesdays but with some luck depending on the time between buses and metro there are if not empty carriages at least with some room and no need to fight for your life to get on.
  • Friday, not a soul… Empty. And I understand this in Sweden since so many office workers for some reason always feel the need to work from home cause they need to concentrate, ON FRIDAYS. But in France not so many have the possibility to work from home and to believe they by choice start later on Fridays so they can get home later is kind of not a believable option. So what are people doing on Friday’s if not working? Cause the way home is the same if you compare it to other weekdays, not many people on the bus or metro. Maybe people take their car to work on Fridays to get home faster, but since the rush hour in Paris or Stockholm don’t offer the option to get to work or home fast don’t think so.

In any case, it’s a thing Paris and Stockholm have in common and I am equal surprised of it.



French Class started

Here we go again

Yesterday my French classes started again, with the hated 30 minutes on-line studies added to each face to face class. Again I tell the world I am not a self study person, it’s a way of learning not suitable for “moi”. I do not learn a thing from the on-line sessions. Pointing that out the answer boomerang back “it’s a package”. Yes a package of 10 wasted hours.

Home work, not my strongest suite either. At home, chez moi, to many distractions. To do home work I need to leave the apartment and sit somewhere outside. It’s fine when I do laundry, go to the language school or travel far but to just sit in a cafè or in a park… No, I do the parts I am suppose to do and then nothing more. Kind of not my kind of learning.

The same for working from home. I do not mind to put in more hours when the work load dictate it’s needed. Just look back at the past at my old work I sometimes went into work on evenings and weekends even if the supposed work was 100% suitable for logging in from home. It’s not me…

And also, when you bring work home your home turns into an office and will never be a place to relax, so boys and girls, never transform your own living room to an office space. It might be a different thing if you actually have an home office space, then that room will be for working, I don’t know. It’s just me and all the weird stuff going on in my head.

Apart from this life lesson have a Bon Journee


September – The starting point of everything

Let’s Go

So, already 5th of September. Kind of the start of everything.

  • autumn (Read: Paris, in rain and humidity)
  • budget planning at work (Read: “Budget you say? Means nothing to me”)
  • 6 month check up (Read: Might render a treadmill stress test)
  • Planning Halloween trip to Sweden (Read: “I do it tomorrow… What is it already October?”)
  • Winter depression (Read: It’s gettin’ darker and colder and I need sun)

And the worst thing… I have colleagues going to Morocco for work, never happens to me!!!! Not fair, I also want to go to Morocco for a few days.

Good things? Yes Ms Farmer soon release a new album




Carnet de Passages en Douane

The CPD is an international customs document which covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles (private and commercial road motor vehicles) in countries where required.

It serves as a customs declaration identifying the vehicle to be imported and also constitutes an international guarantee for the Customs authorities of the payment of any customs duties and import taxes chargeable should the vehicles not be re-exported.

In this way, the CPD helps to speed and facilitate border crossings for travellers and their vehicles since being an internationally-recognized guarantee, there is no need to collect and reimburse cash deposits at the local customs posts when travelling.

The CPD is still required today in numerous countries around the world for the temporary admission of private automobiles, commercial vehicles or other categories of motor vehicles.