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Nice sunday

A Sunday when Biathlon pops up again on the TV as well as Junior Eurovision brought France to victory. Yes, JESC kind of the only Eurovision we get this year so it was a must to watch this year not only stream it a few days later.

France and Spain had the best songs, but why is JESC so full of ballads? It was not like that when the competition was introduced.

And finally the biathlon season started, I am so happy. If nothing on TV, there is always a re run of the Biathlon to watch, from now until April 2021 if not Covid decide to put a stop to the World Cup. Last year they finished earlier than planned.

Have a nice week now, tomorrow we start again, back in the hamster wheel


Soon there, weight loss

I just leave you with the Corona figures for France, hanging there… And go to the fun part. I am today only 0,6 kg from my first goal in my weight loss scheme. I know there is setbacks so I can’t promise I hit it next week but at least last weeks enormous setback been compensated this week. After salads, no bread and longer walks. With a risk to be watched by the Corona police not staying in the 1 hour time.

So Happy me and finals again a “eat what you want” day


What a day

Not the best start on the week, cold, cough and not up to this a all at the moment, same reaction each year when its getting colder – my mind goes “What the F am I doing and why?”

Todays Powerwalk was a nightmare, the legs hurt so it was impossible to walk normally, even slow felt like an open heart surgery without anesthesia. This can’t go on for the rest of the week cause then the kg down will turn up wards again.

Periostitis is the threat, pain in the calves gives in after a while, but not the pain on the other side.

And the nightmare is that the closure of the gyms will go on, it was what saved me last time, to be able to switch between walking and jump on a training bike.

And talking lock down… PARIS CLOSE again.


New single from La Farmer

The passed night at 00h01 Mylène Farmer released a new single, a really good one… She also released a new film but only on Amazon, why? Hopefully we will be able to see it on other platforms or as DVD later on. At least on her own website.

And since it’s Friday:

Read about dick tattoos on the web and suddenly this picture gave me some ideas

Cuddle up folks, Björn



Yes I said it before, it seems like “Championnet” changed management, and now I know this is the case (and unfortunately not me). The new name of the watering hole is:

I guess this will wake up the Swedish woke people and an attack is coming on. If they knew.

But the worst thing with all this is that they changed the beer to something more or less not even close to be good. A nasty brand really. And if all the other options is out of stock you need to drink this, what in Swedish is “Rävgift”

So take care… 🙂


Party Chez moi

I have a playlist, “Party Chez moi” and it is perfect for a home party, Fiesta del Casa, Hemma fest. But songs only get added, and I feel its time to really look this playlist over. Started today and ended up with not wanting to take any song out. It’s kind of the best playlist ever.

So I also checked my “Most played” list an seriously… French music is really taking over even if it is good oldies mostly. The screen shot is a smaller version of this one:

7 most played songs 2020 07 24

And its also true that the songs on my “Party Chez moi” playlist climb on the most played list… So more and more 80s music will enter there for sure.

But, not the subject of this post, I decided to go out tonight, yes, hide the heart problems and meet people behind their masks, but then I shaved and got these red marks all over my face, like an allergy. Can’t go out looking like this… Like I shaved using a grater.

So happy me to have some Casal Garcia at home, the “Party Chez Moi” playlist and good friends on line.