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Even if I don’t have the answer, or handing out amazing prizes, I have a really interesting quiz on my blog today. Go wild and guess away, cause I am really curious…

Somewhere in the world there is a country where it is very dark mornings, no sunlight before 9h30 – ish, and in this country it is 100% normal to dress in a black tight tracksuit, without as much as a tiny tiny reflective devise on. It is like in the movies, camouflage yourself and go all in when it comes to a strange national sport.

When dressed up for playing the game, going out. Either walk around, invisible on the pavement, and now and then, run over the street to the other side without using the illuminated pedestrian crossing 5 – 10 meters away. Make it a sport to cross the street as many time as possible until reaching the crossing, when there… Finally… Walk against RED.

If there is a possibility cross the street where it is as dark as possible and why not just stop, and turn back?

This country also encourage the use of scooters, so the best thing for the track suit people is to buy or rent a scooter without any kind of light. So people on bikes and in cars actually can’t see them until they are max 2 meters away. This sport is even way more fun when the scooter is electric and fixed to go way faster than allowed.

The country I look for must have a deal with France so their citizens can move to Paris and there introduce this national sport to the French population.

If any of you now where in the world this country is and why they all end up in Paris when they move, please enlighten me.

In the meantime, it took ABBA 40 years to comeback, so we expect a second comeback in 2061…. The Abbatars alreay there…

Pic by: JLP @celebjacker27

Have a nice day


Soufiane Ababri

So finally I found the site selling the new book from the artist Soufiane Ababri,

Buy on: Steidz

“La rose donne naissance….” – Each text in both French and English, together with his interesting paintings.

Let’s come back to the book later on when I have gone through it carefully. I hope I will like it as much as I like his pictures, even if they might be both provocative and a bit naughty.

At the same time in Sweden TV start a new show about power women, and cast… Yes famous women. Let me first say, yes I am sure they had a rough time being where they are today, so no shadow will fall on them for reaching the success.

But seriously, Single mother with 2 kids one with a some kind of illness or something is in my eyes more worth than sitting in the “Idol” jury or writing bad detective mysteries… And yes I know people will hate me for those comments.


Paris prepared for Christo

As you can see on the picture above, from 4th of September 2021, Paris is now preparing for the artwork of Christo.

Living in Paris this is fun, not pretty at all (I do not get his “art”) but something fun is happening. But imagen you are a tourist is Paris, maybe once in a lifetime and you can’t get a photo of the l`Arc de triomphe! I would have been furious.

But I guess the French way of saying it is “C^est la vie”


Saturday 28

The feeling is this will be a boring Saturday, the rain is in the air, Café Gitanes not yet open (even if I thought they would open this weekend cause they cleaned the place during the week) and I want to go somewhere this evening but not go down town.

So I started early, could not sleep cause of a presentation Im going to give next week, but on the other hand I finished the gym really early that’s good. Just to be back home and my IQOS decided to die. So out looking for a store with IQOS 3 Duo – not buy it on line cause it’s needed now. Found one and the only color in stock… WHITE. So… well… that’s life.

We will see later on if this day will get any better or not.



7066 is the amount of Kcal I managed to burn last week, Monday – Sunday. Yes read it again, its kind of depressing. All the hours spent on the bike and in the gym and only 7066 Kcal… Consider that 1 lettuce leaf is 68.989 Kcal how the “F” are you supposed to loose Kg’s?

The photo this morning , the view from outside work (standing there waiting for the Security to open, not in time during “summer”), so it is a Monday morning, Paris wakes up photo. But from Paris I need to throw in some Swedish news. The Swedish PM, Stefan Löfvèn resigns and step down in November 2021. Not a day too soon even if everyone understands it is 100% tactics cause of the elections in 2022.

He would have lost that election and since the Swedish Socialdemocrat party think, and have said it, all other Governments possible in Sweden, without the Socialdemocrats, is a threat to democracy. Not only a threat in Sweden, a threat to democracy world wide.

So, the number one favorite is the Finance minister Magdalena Andersson, but even if Swedes might be seduced to vote for her (woman and well known) that would not change anything in the politics. She is Löfvèn light.

So who are the other possibles? In Swedish media:

Ardalan Shekarabi, Mikael Damberg, Magdalena Andersson, Anders Ygeman and Lena Hallengren

So a quick look, Ygeman and Hallengren would be death for the Socialdemocrats in a election, both are total airheads without one single opinion of there own. Follow the wind, change their opinions over and over, say one thing and do the opposite. So I do not think any of them will a choice. IF any maybe Hallengren, cause she is a younger woman and right now “female” seems to be the first criterion in Swedish media. Any kind of political ideas is secondary at the moment.

Andersson will not change much, she will have a boost over the next election (and S will stay in power) but then Swedes might see that she don’t change anything. And to be honest, she loves to be the Finance minister and collect taxes taxes taxes. She is Prince John in Disneys “Robin Hood”.

I don’t have much to say about Shekarabi or Damberg, both are anonymous even if they been in the game for long. No one knows what Damberg actually think or like to do. But of the two, I would prefer Shekarabi. Rumors that Shekarabi lies a lot might be his downfall.

But Shekarabi has a interesting Twitter account, he actually want to change things. BUT, it’s always when the opinion changes among the Swedish public. He’s never first, just follows.

Then we have the dark horses, people I actually will love if they get elected cause it will put the Socialdemocrats under 10% for sure. Veronica Palm, Annika Strandhäll and Morgan Johansson. So please pick one of those three.

But for now, welcome to a new day and even new week. For me it’s back to normal with all colleagues and managers in place again.


Nissim de Camondo

Todays little culture visit ended up at the Nissim de Camondo museum in Paris. A former private home, now a museum.Recommended by many people I know, so this was a chance during my staycation.

And what shall I say? The house is amazing, just thinking of living in a house like that is a fantasy worth living for. But the reason for recommendations always been all the furnitures and “stuff”. I am sure, if you are an antique buff you can spend hours looking at little chairs and cabinets, but its not me.

So worth a visit but do not count on staying there for hours as people claim they do.

On my way home I took a shot at visiting a church I pass if not daily at least weekly, Église Saint-Charles-de-Monceau. Also worth a visit.


Institute du monde arabe

Vacation started with a visit to Institute du monde arabe, and I am still amazed I put myself through this with museums. While people can walk around paintings, old stones, history and dusty old animals for hours I walk through a museum in less than one hour.

BUT now I know my health pass is OK, first time I tested it so no problem there.

So some photos from today

Have a nice evening now


Let´s call it rain

Saturday, 24th of July – told us “rain”, lets say they fulfilled that promise 100%.

And now we move closer to a new work week, a short one, cause Im free at the end of it. Look forward to just be away for a while, hopefully I can disconnect and not think at all of work. Maybe the vacation will get 3 days longer as well. HR did not get back if I must have 2 weeks or if my 9 days is enough for their statistics.

I was recommended this fake profile on Twitter, fun to follow: FAKE FIA

Take care


Friday turned out to be a boring day

Apart from the Opening of the Olympics. As always watching the parade of athletes is amazing, and outfits fun. Sweden, of course, made a fool out of themselves in the area of outfits. This year not even yellow and blue, we paraded in wearing the Australian colors, yellow and green. I don’t know who takes the decisions of the Swedish clothes in sports.

You might not need to go all Togo, for the third Olympics now?

The famous Togo Olympic boy

But I also went downtown in the evening, without burning from the idea, so of course a brief visit before I was home, before 21h00.

French Covid situation pasted week:

Take care,