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They gave up…

Lately the gym been crowded, more or less since the new year, until yesterday when it all of a sudden turned empty!!!! I don’t know if it is the “I will start a new life next year” people who gave up, or if it is Covid spreading in the gym. But so nice to be more or less alone. If no windows I could even treadmill in the nude.

Covid report this week

Too give up… Or more cave in, I actually got myself a Spotify account yesterday… I got a Apple Music account last year and hated it, so now I try Spotify (I feel so modern) cause someone promised me I could buy music in Spotify as well as stream. That turned out to be a lie, so now I am already disappointed.

At the same time it’s a wonderful project to create all the playlists again and just be a nerd. Love it…

But also noticed that the release dates are wrong in Spotify, which will make me go ballistic, and I have not even tried yet to import all the music files I have, which is missing in Spotify!? So we will see how this will end… I guess I go back to iTunes at the end and curse at them for not having a perfect statistic program built in. Why can’t I find the perfect provider?

But, today is TGIF, and hopefully I will be able too cut my hair during lunch… We will see if my colleagues allow that to happen. And of course the salon, I have no idea if they have any slots free, now soon.


Singles inferno (Netflix)

So, one show I ended the pasted weekend was the “Singles Inferno”, some kind of dating show from South Korea, and I will most likely sound like a huge piece of shit now but are they pulling our legs?

First, and this is of course not a choice, it’s biology, but when the guys and girls on the Inferno island I can’t see who is who, they look 100% the same. The girls more than the guys cause they are all nipped and tucked and look 100% the same.

Next thing is that one of the girls is the most unpleasant person ever, and all the guys try to date her? Why?

I won’t say she looks like a troll, but she is seriously the less attractive girl on the island, mean and spoiled as hell and the guys talk about her like she is the best thing since ice cream. Korean ideals is very very different from ours for sure. Both what beauty is as well as how a nice person behaves.

The guys then, what makes me most surprised there is that he who look like he is 12 years old is the oldest one… what is that about?

OK enough about that, so do not forget:

The reason for boosters is that the batteries in the chip only last for 4 months


Every year

For my 6th year now I look at the Guy Moquet Christmas tree and wonder, “Why even try”.

They manage to find and decorate the worst tree in Paris every year, its amazing.

7 days is the verdict now, I can go out but must follow the restrictions, and in a strict regime and take a new PCR test on Wednesday next week, earliest. I’m kind of tiered of it to be honest.

As long at you don’t catch Covid life is peachy, but when you do it is a row of papers, tests, questionnaires to fill in daily.

Have a nice Christmas Day now, and for you Swedes, a nice “Juldagen”


Omikron – ça va?

Sometime a picture tells more than 1000 words:

25 Nov to 8 Dec 2021

And when even Sweden start to react and put new regulations into place, the French start to wonder “WTF”….

And I kind of still thinking what if my doctor tomorrow tells me I can’t take part of the Conference next week cause of the risk to be infected? To try to follow it online as productive as possible is not an option to be honest. I guess the recommendation will be to take part but if any infected is confirmed to stay home or work from the office.

In addition to the image above yesterdays new cases is almost 10.000 higher than the day before…

Good luck France

2021 12 08



So finally the biathlon season kicked off for real. And the teams visited Östersund in Sweden the passed week. Amazing.

Apart from that not much went on today, shit weather again and slept to long so after the gym the day was over.

And the upcoming Conference is actually get more scary by the minute. I really don’t want to be locked in with a lot of people for a week. I had hoped to get the third shot before the Conference but it’s a waiting list and I can’t take a time in the middle of the Conference… Sorry, I must leave my meetings cause I need a shot.

Worst case scenario I get a note from my mother… No doctor, and I’m not allowed to be in a crowded rooms without the 1 meter rule.

Yesterdays cases now over 50 000.

Next BIG question is why do anyone lift iron too look like this?


QP Cheese

Why do this happen to me?

As you know McDonalds in France do not sale QP Cheese (or as it’s called in France Cheese Royal). And since it is one of few McD hamburgers I really like I kind of overeat at McDonalds in Geneva (at the airport).

So yesterday, before going back to Paris I did the same, McDonalds to buy as many Cheese Royal I possible could eat, after at least 2 years since the last one.

And it tasted awful! I am so so sad. Just like when I finally were in Norrköping and got my hands on a Swedish Tunnbrödrulle – something I longed for since I moved to Paris, and it was not at all as good and tasty as I remembered it.

Life’s a bitch


TGIF – Abba release

And try to build a bridge between the headline here and the picture… Not possible, and unfortunately the photo do not show the real truth. The guys black shoes, behind the girls black and white ones, must be the largest shoes I have seen in my life. Humongous feet. Could hardly fit into the Metro car.

Let us forget that…

Downloaded the new Abba album, and enjoyed it during this mornings workout. Not over impressed to be honest, but you get the ABBA feeling and I guess what it’s all about at the end.

Most likely I will come back to the ABBA issue later when I have a few more hours of their album under the belt.

And with that, todays TGIF pic

TGIF from the Instagram account “wildlifedairy” & yes, you can see it’s most likely photoshoped