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Why a post on Brussels all of a sudden? Woke up this morning with a feeling it might be time to visit Brussels again, been a while now, before the new Swedish representative in the EU Commission destroy Europe 100% and most likely Brussels 1000% – her (Ylva Johansson) promise to Europe to force the member states to solidarity will for sure be the upcoming 5 years European docu-soap now when Brexit finally getting closer.

And with Ylva as the captain, My God, lucky lucky the U.K.


September ends

So, today is the only day ever it will be the last of September 2019 and then only 3 months left of this year… It’s unbelievable how fast time goes.

Imagine it’s 25 years ago since Estonia went under. I discussed this with a friend of mine yesterday… I remember how I and my date back then was on our way to Mallorca on the same date, and the morning news talked about the accident that morning.

25 years! My God.


September Paris

You all know the drill… September, if an Indian Summer (In Swedish: Brittsommar), sometimes one of the best months of the year. Daytime, enough sun to keep you warm, and the evenings never cold, a jacket is enough to sit all night at your favorite table in your favorite cafè.

September 2019 do not live up to those standards, not so far. And if the weekend will rain away thanks heaven for the World Championships in Doha. If I can find a French TV channel airing the event.

But in any case, it’s Friday, TGIF, so have a nice weekend all of ya’


Time for French

One day closer to end the “no French studies” period (Summer) and go for it, again.

In the meantime I watch Greta Thunbergs speach in the UN and actually get depressed. It’s time for someone to wake up, and ask the question; WTF! where are the grown ups in the Fridays for future movement?

You put this extreme hard task upon the shoulders of a child, a child with Aspbergers, and watch her crack piece by piece. All cause you know a child will get more publicity than grown ups. It’s a shame and will never end well for the child.

You watch a child, whom for real is terrified to go to bed thinking she won’t wake up in the morning and wake up EVERY day afraid. Not worried or angry, afraid and in panic… And you think it will end well?

I don’t care if you agree on the climate change theories or think it’s pure bulls*** but this is not fair to her.


Found this on Aspbergers:

A meltdown is where a person with autism or Asperger’s temporarily loses control because of emotional responses to environmental factors. They aren’t usually caused by one specific thing. Triggers build up until the person becomes so overwhelmed that they can’t take in any more information


Going back a to a few days ago I told you that my card been used for purchase flight tickets for someone, somewhere… And now a few days later I can say it’s extremely stressful to just sit and wait for the credit card company to get back with instructions on what’s going to happen now.

Even register the police report seems in retrospective as a simple thing to do.

Knowing that the credit card company got all the papers, cause they signed for it, I can only wait.

So contact them you say, oh no, no phone or email address anywhere just instructions on how to file the report.

So here I am, with around 20 euro attached to my name and the end of the month and paying bill time coming up. Again: Stressful…

This will continue

Picture from the web


10 09 2019, Apple Event

Before yesterday I have never watched any of the Apple Events, just read about them, so when MacWorld from IDG published how to take part of this iconic events from your own home I jumped on the train.

So at 19h00 European time I was ready, the Apple TV app “Apple Evants” downloaded and I was ready to be the fly on the wall and experience all the fantastic keynotes, news and inventions I previously just read about.

What an anticlimax! Even if I really like to see the new products the event as an event left the viewers with a lot to wish for. The “fiesta” never took place and like an E.T. , just arrived to earth, I wondered why are the people in the audience so amazed all the time? All the, almost hysterical, applause?

But let’s see what Apple presented: A computer game platform, The new streaming service Apple TV +, news from the retail department, updated iPad, updated iWatch and the next generation of the iPhone .

To be really into this kind of event, your number one reason for step into hype mood is corresponding to the fact that you will buy a new product or love some of the services provided.

So first, I never play computer games so the new platform for gaming kind of fell through. OK, I lied a bit, I like geopolitical games but have no time to sit for hours and play. And since the game “Caesar” no longer is on the market I don’t play much. Another fact is that since I went from PC to MAC it kind of ended my computer game era. Since games on MAC is more about action games and not many geopolitical games or simulation games made for MAC. So the presentation on the game platform, not my cup of tea.

Apple TV +, turned out to offer the streaming platform to an reasonable price so I will most likely try it out. Not bad at all but a streaming platform kind of not feel like a new thing, even if it is on the Apple platform.

iWatch – Yes I have an iWatch and my take on this is so far that it is a toy. I am not at all sure I ever will buy another iWatch after this one. Things I wish for to use it more is obviously not even on Apples road map for iWatch and the presentation yesterday did not change my mind. It still is a “fun to have” gadget but far from necessary if you not a health fanatic. Counting steps, heartbeats and how many apples a day is nothing I ever will do. To show the artwork of the music you play instead of only showing the iTunes controls on the clock-face still not in the developers minds but stay on my wishlist.

iPad. iPad is a fantastic product but something you as a consumer most likely don’t upgrade as often as an iPhone. You buy it and keep the one you have until it’s not possible to upgrade it anymore. But the new features on the upgraded iPad was nice once and I will get a new one in future but maybe not yet. Even if, I made the mistake to buy an iPad Air last time I upgraded my own iPad. Useless device if you don’t live in an world with Wi-Fi everywhere.

iPhone. A new iPhone always put me in a state of panic and the “must have” mantra start to circle in my mind, and nothing changed this state of mind during the Apple event yesterday. An iPhone 11 Pro creates a feeling of “how is it possible to live without this device”, which is completely idiotic since I only use my phone for a few things: Social Media, read emails, text messages and play music. I hardly ever use it as a phone, it’s not a phone it’s a text message machine.

But still I want to upgrade but the only reason for not doing so is that the iPhone I have now is kind of my limit for how big I want my phone to be. I never upgraded to iPhone Xs cause it’s to big and the iPhone 11 Pro, if not bigger, do not shrink in size. So a purchase decision still pending.

And again i miss any news on the iTunes changes coming up and if Apple finally instructed their developers to look into the fact that if you have an enormous mp3 collection, tagged so it fits you and your lifestyle it’s not possible to subscribe to Apple Music. All I want is to join the Apple Music platform but when I join be able to click a box saying “do not upgrade existing mp3 files”. Music I then buy no problem, I can re-tag them one by one when purchased, but to upgrade with the mp3 collection you have ans see all files change tagging data into how Apple want it to be is not a choice if you have a music library with over 50 000 titles.

There is also a risk that you will end up with doublets in your library just as it happens today when iCloud sometimes gets, what we call in Sweden, “tuppjuck” (translates to “RoosterFucking”), and without your request download all purchased music in mp3 to their own format, AAC.

Actions like the above mentioned do not correspond to Apples promise during yesterdays event, to follow the single consumers needs and personal needs to customize their products and services. When it comes to iTunes it is iTunes who decides, not the consumer.

So this was my outtake from my first ever watched Apple Event and it’s presented products. All the above is my own input and not necessarily how anyone else in the world experienced it. In fact, I look forward to read some tech nerds reactions the upcoming days.

Live long and prosper,


The photo is copyright Getty Images, and downloaded from Internet to give a visual of Apples, and Apples different products presented yesterday.

Haircut day

Finally time for the long last haircut and today my hairdresser took some creative decisions on his own… Not sure I will follow his new ideas but it was one step in the right direction, some ideas on his own.

And since I already was down town I decided to go for two more Metronome Stations.

But over all a really lazy, nice Saturday.


IQOS experience III

So, the IQOS testing still going on, still no “real” cigarettes so it works to take the edge of the nicotine addiction for sure. But the HEETS sticks is still a problem, the menthol ones “Label Blue” is still my favorite cause it feels like smoking when you inhale, but the menthol taste do not work with drinks. I don’t like beer tasting toothpaste or a nice cold Aperol Spritz being taken over of menthol. I think Philip Morris need to find a better “tobacco” taste cause the Amber- and Sienna labels do not taste much.

But I am also happy to find out that the first IQOS device I bought was a bad device, as you find out on the picture I bought a new cap to my IQOS 3, yes I now have a “Swedish” IQOS – The old yellow and blue (no, its Swedish not Ukrainian).

The Heet stick did not go down to the line on my first IQOS 3, with the new cap it does… So it wasn’t me, it was the device.

I also have an idea for the manufactures of the IQOS but I need to update it first before I present this to the world.

Again, I have no attachments to Philip Morris, IQOS or HEETS, I am a consumer and do not get paid to write about IQOS. And if you don’t smoke remember that even vaping is bad for your health and there is no reason to ever start.



My iqos experience

So, going from real cigarettes to a “healthier” option is a jungle, zoo have so many different options from electronics with liquids to different pods or in the case of IQOS the heating sticks.

I have tried the X-Smoke before, looking like a cigarette but a bit heavier and thicker which at the beginning don+t give a realistic feeling. But over all a good smell free and for people around not even noticing that you vape.

But moving to France IQOS is, beside the liquid options, the most popular option so I decided to try IQOS out and bought 2 devices and one of each flavor of heating sticks to find the taste most reminding of real tobacco. In tis blog post I will talk only about the devices and tomorrow lets talk taste.

The downside with electronics is the fact that you need to charge them so my reason for buying two devices is to have one more practical (IQOS 3.0) and one more for daily use and most important going out having a drink, you don’t want to end up with a non charges tobacco device when you are out with friends have a glass of most likely alcoholic beverages.

IQOS 3.0 – A amazing piece of design, looks amazing and feel light in your hand a master piece really when it comes to design of different electronic tobacco devices. But its only charged for around 10 “smokes” before you need a re-charge. So its really not a practical option for a night out. Its also a puzzle to add the heating stick cause the devices place for the heating stick is not as deep so you cannot push the stick down to the mark on the stick and if you force it the device malfunction. But when you learned from you mistakes and know when to stop the IQOS 3.0 works like a clock and again, it looks amazing.

IQOS 3 Multi – The more powerful option, made to have in your pocket and manage around 20 smokes before the need of recharging. But its also more fragile than the IQOS 3.0 cause by the “cap” you need to push up when taking the heating stick out after use. Taking the cap off you can see a small button on the inside which must be pushed in to “close” the lid on the device. This button do not always work and you notice this cause the small lid is not closing automatically. Its a easy fix (but really cumbersome to need to carry around a little stick to push it) and when poked it with a tooth stick or similar it works again until next time it get stuck.

This problem might be cause my device might have a problem and not happen to anyone else but its worth mention. Over all the lid is loose and don’t stay firmly in place. Something not happening to the IQOS 3.0 device.

Hopefully the IQOS Partner (service places) can change the lid to a new one and this will solve this problem. But I not have any service place close so I might never go there and fix it since the device work most of times.

I also wish the heating sticks was a tad longer cause you really need to use more than one when you are out having a beer and socialize. The IQOS Multi can be charged with a new stick directly but not the more expensive IQOS 3.0 which is strange.

Judging from my own, now 2 week experience, IQOS works out well as a non smoking option if you like to go from real cigarettes to a “healthier” option (NOTE: I say healthier, not healthy, cause its never good to inhale anything else than oxygen). But I also all the time have one package of real cigarettes with me if I cannot find a charge place or if my power bank already used for charging IQOS or the mobile. But so far I have not needed to open that package of real cigarettes which is a plus.

And I might change my opinion on the IQOS 3 Multi if the lid problem is solved but for now if I need to recommend something I would go for two IQOS 3.0 instead and bring them both fully charged at the beginning of the day or when going out and use number two when charging the main device or be able to switch and use two heating sticks in a row. But I do hope the Multi will work better after being checked.

But the fact is you need the device, heating sticks, charger, power bank, packeting of real cigarettes if the device malfunction or need charging and cleaning tools with you, most of them all the time (cleaning tools can be left at home). And for me with the multi problem I also need tooth sticks to be able to fix the problem with the closing button in the lid. So its a lot of thing to carry around if you cannot trust the device to work 100% a complete day or night out.

But over all I think IQOS is a good device but it takes a while to change your mindset on how to smoke.

NOTE: This is not advertise I do not have any links to the manufactures of IQOS or X-Smoke, I am a consumer

You can read more about the IQOS here Its the French IQOS site but you can easy find your country version if you look for it.