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2 faces

Waking up this morning with 2 faces, seriously WTF is happening? My left side of the face is bigger than a blimp – infection in a tooth and emergency dentist time 1st of June. Happy moi.

And with that I leave you for now, together with the top 4 among the Swedish public in the Eurovision voting. As you know Swedes is always unhappy with other European countries voting for their neighbour countries… This is the Swedes votes 2021


Casal Garcia

I knew that Casal Garcia also came as a rosé but never seen it until yesterday, so I bought a bottle and I liked it enough to buy three more today. Actually a wine I would love to find at a café in Paris and just drink (with ice) watching people passing by.

Beside that, not much happened today, to much thoughts about work and not enough about where my thoughts should end up… Eurovision.


Friday – A day off work

Not a holiday in France, but 14th of May still a day off for me, but not at peaceful as I wanted it to be, it is tough to relax from thinking of work at the moment. C´est la vie.

And a new kidney stone arrived today, so the collection is growing. I wish kidney stones was as valuable at its similar stone in oysters, the pearl. Voila, I will be a rich man.

And this weeks Corona report:

Have a nice weekend


Eurovision coming up

Two free days before a conference week, and since the conference and Eurovision is the same week (again), I can’t have the Eurovision Wednesday and Friday off (as I wish and try to have when possible). So today I started with the charts and comments to go out to friends before the semi finals and the finals. Hopefully good enough to also post here.

Beside that today was interesting, rain in the morning (power walk), sun so I decided to take a walk (started to rain) and when I got home the sun came back. Welcome to the world of Eeyore and Eeyoreism.


With chalk on asphalt

Either some parents will get a chocking inoice to pay for the cleaning of their kids practicing their artistic side, or this is the premonition of digging up my street and make my life hell for a long time. Noise and excavated street and side walks. Or the city of Paris actually finally found out where I live and will now offer me a house with a moa, so I am safe. And no, I do not have exaggerated image of my own importance to the world 2021.

But let us go back in time, today, 12 years ago the site Gylleneskor.se (re named Poplight before it died) invited that years Eurovision artists to Stockholm and I was interviewing the ones signed by Warner.

Unlikely 29th of April 2021, this was a sunny & extremely hot day, so running around in Stockholm between venues, resulted in a really shiny face (shiny a nice way to say I sweated like a waterfall).

So welcome to a walk down Memory lane:

Télé Travail

At the moment the only perk with working from home is the fact that I can work out before I start to work, and it’s really nice to have everything done before 7h00 in the morning. But at the same time I really don’t know how long I can do this everyday power walk. My legs are again killing me. Now its the calves that decided to give up on their only task in life, to make someone move forward.

Beside that the energy level is kind of zero at the moment… And what before was fun and productive, to work from home is at the moment tougher. The days at the office is easier, and I can’t bring files back and forth daily. Depressed? No, not at all, just a mood at the moment. So don’t worry, I will be back to my normal grumpy me soon. Not this “I don’t care” grumpy.


First spin with Laila

Laila, my bike, was out for her first spin today. Took the same track as I power walked in the morning, just to get the feel of the traffic and how it will be to use the bike as my number one transport, and it will be interesting.

First of all, it’s true, you do not need to learn again how to bike, it’s in there. What you do need to learn though is the different traffic situation between Tungelsta and Paris. I used my bike in Sweden between my home and the commute station in Västerhaninge. A one way 6.3 km bike ride. From my Paris home to work it’s only 3 – 3.5 km so I think I will survive that even if it’s downhill all the way too work, and uphill home I hope that after a while I have enough power in my legs to not need to stop on the way.

And the traffic, yes it is a bit heavier than in Tungelsta. I mean, going from A to B then made me meet maybe 2 -3 cars on the way, so I need to learn to keep a bit more attention too what’s happening around me and learn that traffic lights also apply to me.

But if anything will cause me to fall or collide I realized today that it won’t be other vehicles it will be potholes and loose cobblestones, the real nightmare here in Paris.

But it was nice to finally get out there and be a bike guy again.


Sudden death

To wish people to die a sudden death in Covid related sickness is not a nice thing, I am aware of that, but seriously… We hit almost 85.000 new cases yesterday and this stupid stupid woman (girl), with a runny nose enters the train, pull the hood up and mask down.

reintroduce pillory please