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Confused Mr Nordlund?

What a morning… You know when you have them, the days you most likely was supposed to stay in bed and not leave your house. Kind of a Friday the 13th without being Friday 13th.

This morning was a strange one. Not from start, more or less normal, alarm, wake up, turn the radio on listen to Swedish morning radio, prepare the filtered coffee so it’s ready after the shower, take the shower and relax with coffee, radio and reading Tweets, Look at Instagram, check the “time hop” app and so on.

But then… On my way out to catch the bus I first remembered it’s the 16th so they I must register the use of water (cold and hot) and put the note on the door. So back in and tried to read the meters… Not possible, could not see the numbers so glasses on and even with them it was hard (why can’t they be digital?). But at least done and no one need to enter the apartment when I’m not home.

So on my way again, all down to the “0” floor to remember, my in ear head phones… Still in the apartment, up again. Leave again and finally reaching the bus stop I notice I left without the scarf (I have a cold and my colds kind of center on the throat) but OK i survive even if i tomorrow most likely will wake up with a bad throat again. Bit then I noticed I’m actually staning at the bus stop with my glasses on. The “bad” once, not the work- official- or meeting once, the sit at home and watch tv once.

So now its official I am an old fart.


10th of January and….

Not even two weeks of 2019 passed and still I have kind of not started all the things I promised myself to do in 2019. NO, nothing like start to workout or stop smoking (even if both would benefit me and my life) but simple things like:

Moisturizing after shower, finally take care of my feets (sadly forgotten for years), get rid of the postcards in the hall, instead of cleaning myself to death on weekends clean one room a day when I return back from work as a few things.

We are a lazy species we humans… Or, OK then, I am…


Take off day

Then its time for me to leave this grey rainy weather and have 7 days in the sun. Not planned, but two days ago I felt that NO I do need chance to some sun even if I’m normally not lucky when it comes to weather when Im abroad.

Hopefully I will be able to update you during the week, no computer with me but I will bring the pad.


Oh what have I decided???

Today, out of nowhere I decided that my previous decision and really needed stay in Paris and not travel for this vacation was a bad decision. Really, no it was a good one, but I need some sun!

So after a desperate hunt for hotels and flights to Morocco I finally found one for a week, cause I do want to be in Paris for New Year. So all of a sudden Im going abroad again.


A post in Swedish

Så… Vad är det mest irriterande som kan hända i en persons privata hem? Fundera en stund… AH, got it! När batterierna tar slut i en brandvarnare och den förbannade saken börjar påminna dig om detsamma. Denna påminnelse, av någon anledning, börjar alltid på natten. Kan någon förklara varför? 

Vad som är mer förbryllande är att jag en gång om året påminns om detta genom att mina två brandvarnare påminner mig om att det är dags att byta batterier. “PIIP” sedan en kvart senare “PIIP” igen tills man i affekt sliter ned skiten och plockar ut batterihelvetet. Jag sätter, mot fransk lag och ordning, dessutom aldrig i ett nytt batteri eftersom jag dels hatar närfanskapet sätter igång o piper på natten för batteribyte (främst brandvarnaren i sovrummet) eller konstant piper så fort man lagar mat (den utanför köket). Nja, konstant är att ta i men det händer. Så vem, VEM, är det som varje år sätter in nytt batteri? Det är inte jag, men likväl finns batterihelveten i dom varje år… VEM?


First vacation day

First vacation day kind of soon ends so what did I do today? Fact, mostly inside waiting for UPS to deliver a package. You know the famous “We will deliver your package 19th of December between 08h00 – 19h00” kind of thing…

In any case the package is delivered, but for sure not to me, I hope its downstairs with the building manager, we will see tomorrow. And all that after I have provided them with both code to the door and to not take the elevator to the 6th floor only to the 5th and walk one floor, cause if going all up it get stuck.

But I also managed to have a haircut, a la “make it super short so it will be perfect in 2 weeks before its to long again in 3 weeks.

Tomorrow, vacation day 2 its time for a visit to the Swedish store again, I need more Kalvsylta.