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August 2021

Here in France we close summer now, more and more people return from vacation so also at my office. It reminds me of the fact that I hate to work in an open office space, and how nice it can be to work from home. But let me elaborate the home working thing.

Right now, in the time of Ebola, Covid and Plague we can still work from home 1 day a week, based on how many people who is in that week. But this is where the home working idea fails. Home working works perfectly and is wünderbar when you can work for a while at home. Not carry material home and back on an almost daily basis.

So, during those conditions home working just “F” things up. But gosh what I wish I can get my own office, the department I work in is worth our own office space – wish list for the Christmas…

And now something else, born from a discussion yesterday, Eurovision entries failed to place well in the year they entered but if they entered now would be hits (with a modern production). Yesterday we talked about Remedios Amaya “Quien maneja mi barca” – SO last in 1983 just cause it was before it’s time.

Spain Eurovision 1983

With that, have a nice Tuesday


6 years jubilee

Today, yours truly, been working in Paris for 6 years, more or less my “moving” to Paris jubilee. This even if I count 1st of September as the real moving date, the date when all the furniture arrived to Paris and I really moved in so to speak.

But the 1st of July were the first day at work date. So 6 years, even if I’m not sure we count 2020, so maybe only 5? Nah, we go for 6.


(Cakes etc please don’t, from Sweden you can of course Swish, but only amounts over 10.000SEK *LOL* )

The upcoming weeks

We all have them, kind of hell weeks when everything is supposed to happen at the same time, and for me (or all of my work place) it is the weeks before the huge conferences and until the last one is done. May and June, weeks when you are more stressed NOT being at work than being at work.

When home its more like “Did I send all emails”, “Did I forget a PPT”, “the agendas” and so on and so on. Brain stress, nothing else.

So why this stress? It is tasks added to your normal work load and you know if somethings been forgotten.. Oh la la, it feels like Place de la Concorde will see more heads rolling.

So I wont be at the best of mood for weeks ahead now. A neverending story.

With this “positive” note for the day I wish you all a nice week, nice May and go for it.


Monday anxiety

Sunday evening and the Monday anxiety kicks in, I repeat, weekends? Too short. Friday, you are tiered as any other workday, Saturday, the only day in the week you actually can do a lot of different things you have to do, so it’s not relaxing. So Sunday the first day of the week you can relax, feel up for some fun, then work brain kicks in and it can’t be a late evening.

But from this weekend we learned that its easier to send flowers from Paris too Madrid than within Paris… MLM (my former manager) got her birthday flowers in time and on the right date. And purple… All worked out fine.


Gone too soon

I usually do not post more than one post a day, today is an exception. This morning the office was reached by the news that a colleague passed away over the weekend, Mrs Jennifer S.

I have known Jennifer for 18 years, maybe even 19 years thinking about it, but we did not become colleagues in Paris until 6 years ago, even if we only knew each other through work.

Jennifer was a lifeline too me through the tougher periods at work when I, under a period of a few years, faced difficulties working alone with the workload of an whole department. When things got to tough and I needed to get the frustration out her office was a safe place to let some steam out.

She also kind of mentored me in the history of the organization I work for and her knowledge of the corporate history will be greatly missed in the upcoming years.

So RIP Jennifer.


When work is fun

I don’t know if we all have them, but some days work is just fun. Its scars to find yourself in that place but also makes life easy to live. And today was a good day. I actually did what I am hired to do and not struggle with things not on my job description and then I discover that I have a fun job. Again… Scary.

work is supposed to be work, not fun.

I refuse to talk Corona today so take care out there and use the contact form if you have any Christmas Music suggestions, new songs not older releases. This weekend is the weekend to create this years Christmas song playlist.


Back at work

Returned from my day in Switzerland and found a post it on my computer screen telling me “Roof, Roof”, really funny. But yes, I do understand what they mean. I’m not that stupid or mean.

Yesterday a colleague borrowed my office space and of course he means “Tack, Tack”, actually really nice and show the difference between nice co workers and the once up there on their high horses. So I bow down and say: Thank you too Mr.


A day in Geneva

Not much to tell about Paris today. I worked from Geneva all day, meeting my new colleague for the first time. But… Let us forget about work for a while and discuss the fact that EasyJet have something they call Speedy Bording… Serious, why? It’s not speedy, give no extra value to the experience of flying and still, they charge extra for this “amazing” service.

I just want to know why they call it speedy?

Tomorrow ,though, is a new normal day in Paris.