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Back at work

Returned from my day in Switzerland and found a post it on my computer screen telling me “Roof, Roof”, really funny. But yes, I do understand what they mean. I’m not that stupid or mean.

Yesterday a colleague borrowed my office space and of course he means “Tack, Tack”, actually really nice and show the difference between nice co workers and the once up there on their high horses. So I bow down and say: Thank you too Mr.


A day in Geneva

Not much to tell about Paris today. I worked from Geneva all day, meeting my new colleague for the first time. But… Let us forget about work for a while and discuss the fact that EasyJet have something they call Speedy Bording… Serious, why? It’s not speedy, give no extra value to the experience of flying and still, they charge extra for this “amazing” service.

I just want to know why they call it speedy?

Tomorrow ,though, is a new normal day in Paris.


Have you ever thought of the idea what will happen if people all of a sudden decides to not work after set times and instead go for their inner clock and say “Hey boss, I will work my 7 – 8 hours but let my inner clock decide when I start and stop”.

What office hours do your clock tell you? Are you the early bird? A siesta person? A night person? Looking at how my inner clock work when I am off work I guess I will raise early, work early BUT have a long siesta in the middle of the day and work my last hours in the evening.

Start the day at 05h00 work until 11h00, then sleep to 15h00 and work for two more hours 16h00 to 18h00 maybe.

At least I would have a siesta in the middle of the day, for sure.

So tell me your inner clock


Boss day

Friday, and today the “Patron” visits my bureau for meetings. Make me think about two things. First the fact that the French word for Office, Bureau, not half as funny to say compared to “Mon petit l’Office”. Second; Fridays not a good day for meeting your boss, supposed to be the unwind the week day

Have a nice weekend all of ya’


1st of September

So August is over and the Parisian population return back from their vacations so from tomorrow we will fight for our place in the Metro and some of the bus lines again.

Hopefully we will have a really nice and warm September, like n 2015 when it was amazing until October.

But it also means that work start again for real now when everyone is back and we have a huge conference to plan for in December.



Surfade runt lite idag efter att ha sett på Twitter att det finns en hasgtag som heter “mitt första jobb” #mittförstajobb Där man kan lägga upp sitt första jobb och se vad andra pysslade med när vi var unga och snygga.

Mitt första jobb var helgarbete under skolåren i ett yrke jag inte tror finns idag, Efterbehandling av datamaterial. Trodde inte heller att företaget fanns idag men googlade och visst Datema finns men sysslar inte allt med vad man gjorde då.

Och mitt första heltidsjobb, en arbetsplats som inte heller finns idag på samma sätt som på 80-talet var på PostGirot i Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan. När jag kollade var det dåligt med bilder både hur det såg ut utifrån, och inget från insidan. Googlade till och med Pater nosterhiss för att se om någon lagt upp en bild från den tiden.

Måste nästan kolla hemma om man verkligen inte har en enda bild på själva lokalerna, GBA sektion 10 – 14.