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6 years jubilee

Today, yours truly, been working in Paris for 6 years, more or less my “moving” to Paris jubilee. This even if I count 1st of September as the real moving date, the date when all the furniture arrived to Paris and I really moved in so to speak.

But the 1st of July were the first day at work date. So 6 years, even if I’m not sure we count 2020, so maybe only 5? Nah, we go for 6.


(Cakes etc please don’t, from Sweden you can of course Swish, but only amounts over 10.000SEK *LOL* )

The moooove

Even if I started to work for my employer 2 month ahead of September 2015 I still count the “real” moving date from the day the boxes from Stockholm arrived in September 2015.

And I remember how big the apartment looked when it was empty. From there until now, still with to much “stuff” around one of the things i really miss is a basement to store things I want to keep but not need in the apartment. Everything can’t be stored under the bed even if all the boxes there give no place for monsters.

Have a nice day


Time to plan

Voila, now I have my apartment for 3 more years, yes the contract. I knew it in February already but to be sure I wanted to wait a while. So now… Time to look at the furnishing and implement some ideas to go from the IKEA home I have to something fun. Yes, I might have watch the UK show on interior design challenge a bit too much and I am not allowed to change things without an OK from the owner (no its not a second hand contract but the French rental laws are strange).

All won’t happen in 2018 but:

New sofa, new worktop in the kitchen, new shower cabin (at least new doors), more storage, smart storage and a new bed (with smart storage included) are the main goals.

Some electricity re-wire and painting also on the agenda. Think I start with that since it cost less.

So just need to win the Euro Loto then…