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ESC 2020 Cancelled

I thought I would blog about how I sit at home and work, live and sleep caused by Corona but as you can see from the headline Corona also impact other things. For a majority of you all Eurovision is more or less unknown or something you might watch if you have nothing else to do on the nights of semifinals and the final. So this news is not a big thing and make perfect sense.

For me who watch the Eurovision, more or less, as the meaning to live this is HUGE…

I was 100% sure EBU would postpone the contest until August or September, or change the place of venue from a huge arena to a smaller one and broadcast without an audience, but to cancel never hit my mind really.

So this is a chock, something I don’t like at all and not only for me and all the Eurovision fans but also for the performers who now won’t be able to have their 3 minutes of fame. And I hope most of them will have a chance to return 2021 even if the song must change. I guess for all countries with internal selections this won’t be a problem. Both Spain and Ukraine have already announced that their artists will be in Eurovision 2021 (if they want).

But it is another thing for countries with a selection, I will get back to this in my blog posts the upcoming days.

In the meantime I will use the evenings, during this lock down in France, to watch old contests and actually use this time under Corona lock down to update my Eurovision Section on this website. With nothing else to do as long as we have to stay home it’s a golden opportunity.

But for now… I’m frankly pissed over the decision to cancel it completely. Now we just hope that Azerbaijan and Slovenia will release their songs on iTunes so at least all songs will be up for purchase. I think the rest already is there if only not all revamped version.

So, Corona, you finally knocked me down.


France Eurovision 2020

It took a while from the announcement that France won’t have a selection in 2020 (a bad idea if you ask me) and go back to an internal selection and find a song for the singer of their choice Tom Leeb.

I will write abut the French entry in sections, and first of all the singer Tom Leeb. There is actually nothing wrong with Tom Leeb, he is for sure not a Pavarotti but in the crowd of male solo artists, popular today, his voice turns out to be above so many of them. And no one can call him ugly or out of shape which is proven by Google and that three questions about Tom Leeb turn out on top: “Is Tom Leeb married”, “Is Tom Leeb gay” and “Is Tom Leeb married”. Queries usually used for good looking singers. So let’s agree he is not a bad choice for Eurovision.

The song, “The best in me”, what can you say? A formula A1 for a Eurovision ballad from 2015 and forward. Nothing wrong with it but please… We have heard this so many times in Eurovision and to get televotes France need a really special show in Rotterdam otherwise the result will be as for Sweden lately. Jury points and tele voting nada. And mentioning Sweden we get to the next block, “Why not use French song writers”?

Note that the original was in English and penned by the Swedes G:son, Boström and Lundvik and to French it up they decided to add some lines in French and Tom Leeb, Amir Haddad and Lea Ivanne been added to the mix. Seriously 3 people to add 10 lines of French? And with Amir in the mix why don’t look for a song written by him and Nazim instead of using the same Swedes whom fertilize Eurovision with songs every year. With the result that everything sound the same and ends up in a sea of music mainly made to be heard on radio for 12 months and then forgotten.

I hope, deep in my soul, that France for once take notice of Eurovision and people get a bit upset. The French language Academy, if not go Yellow west angry, at least point out that this years song is not French enough and French composers get together and write about all the fact that there are French composers out there.

It won’t happen cause Eurovision is till look on as a strange thing in France, something that the two last years selections almost started to chance. So to go back to internal selection is a pity.

So where will France end up on May? As said the song isn’t bad but since we heard it before, over and over, it actually will depend on other things.

  • How many songs will composed by the same composers in the same style
  • The “show”
  • How many ballads will be in the “Grand finale” in May

So now, before all countries made their selections, I don’t think Paris will host Eurovision in 2021.

Note that I guess Malta, Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Russia, UK, Ireland and Estonia most likely will enter with songs written by Swedish composers, and at least 50% of them by G:son.


So let’s speak about Lithuania

But first the photo, just to be a bit patriotic, a photo taken outside the Embassy yesterday when I picked up my new Passport. Three krones, feel almost at home.

But Lithuania. I have now watched the performance from their Selection to Eurovision and listen to the downloaded Mp3 on iTunes and still… It is hard to defend yourself against this song.

It has a hook, a great singer, a hot singer as well as a dance. Who can resist a song with an dance you and your friends can dance all day long. At least until you get tiered of it. This is my only fear at the moment, that I will be tiered of it before the Eurovision in May.

If you missed it? Please take a look and do not forget the song is 3 minutes long so you can watch it all and learn how to do the “On fire” dance.



So finally I got it…

Happy to have the day off today and managed to do the stuff I planned, and number one on the list was collecting my new passport so now I can go to beaches sipping umbrella drinks and enjoy the sun as well as travel around in work again.

Otherwise, not much to add apart from the release of the French entry to Eurovision by Tom Leeb. I don’t want to go there today but it will for sure be mentioned during the week.


Soon… Soon my friends

The head of today’s post of course refer to Melodifestivalen and at the end Eurovision. But let us first have a closer look at the image, a Ford but for us Swedes… Am I the only one thinking “Fazer”, maybe with some nougat?

Nevertheless, back to order. On Saturday the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen takes place, and as always it will be a test on how SVT will air the show this year. Will I experience problems or not, we will see. But then we look forward too, or not, 6 weeks of either a boring cavalcade of songs made for radio plays or actually something fun, new and interesting. But this year it looks like SVT decided that Felix Sandman or Mariette is what they wish to send. So we will see…

But Finland also kick off their selection, and they have a song already made to win Eurovision, “Cicciolina” by Erika Vikman.

It is the perfect storm in terms of Eurovision. Way out of line from what we see today in the contest when most songs sound alike since it is Swedes whom composed most of them. So Finland, go all in and vote for Erika to reach Eurovision.

The best thing is that Finland is in Eurovision semi final number 2, where France can televote so I can vote for her…

You can find the song on youtube linked HERE


Eurovision 2019 most played songs

Just as the Swedish selection 2019, Melodifestivalen, did the Eurovision 2019 let us down music wise. Only a few songs stand out but on the other hand the broadcaster in Israel presented one of the best Eurovision productions ever. So for the show I am willing to give the highest mark.

But the songs then, the 20 most played Eurovision song from the contest 2019 turned out to be:

  1. Chameleon – Muchela (Malta)
  2. She got it – Luca Hänni (Switzerland)
  3. Run with the lions – Jurijus (Lithuania)
  4. Say Na Na Na (Rico Bernasconi radio edit) – Serhat (San Marino)
  5. Too late for love (Single) – John Lundvik (Sweden)
  6. Truth – Chingiz (Azerbaijan)
  7. Sebi (Dare to dream version) – Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi (Slovenia)
  8. Soldi (Vigiland remix) – Mahmood (Italy)
  9. Say Na Na Na (single) – Serhat (San Marino)
  10. Love is forever – Leonora (Denmark)
  11. Soldi (Remix) – Mohmood (Italy)
  12. Too late for love (Pelago remix) – John Lundvik (Sweden)
  13. Sing Na Na Na (German version) – Serhat (San Marino)
  14. Home (single version) – Kobi Marimi (Israel)
  15. Soldi (English remix) – Mahmood & Isac Elliot (italy)
  16. Scream (Light saber remix) – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)
  17. Soldi (Spanish remix) – Mahmood & Maikel Delacalle (Italy)
  18. Home (remix) – Kobi Marimi (Israel)
  19. Limits (Darude remix) – Paenda (Austria)
  20. She got me (Sunlike Brothers remix) – Luca Hänni (Switzerland)

So overall let us say that 2019 went to Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden and Israel.


Some re-tagging

All Sunday, one mission, to start the re-tagging of the Eurovision mp3 files. Actually only put Netflix on “13 reasons why” season 2 and 3, and tag tag tag all day.

I planned the Sunday a bit different but since I am out of funds cause of the Visa skimming thing I’m happy to be able to do something I really can “nerd” in on.



Twice in Eurovision and in collaboration with some famous singers Serhat released an album not long ago. An Album that will survive for a year or so… But the future?

I hope he will make at least 2 more covers, “Je t’aime, moi non plus” the old Gainsbourg/Birkin hit from 1969 and “31 All Ombra” from the Italian group Gli Uno.

His voice is like custom made for the male part of both those songs and imagen to do “Moi non plus” with a guy… Two duets, one hetero and one gay version. If he dares too without harm his reputation.

Gli Uno, in Italian, is a more unknown masterpiece but still Serhats voice in a duet with someone with a very girly voice, in a new slightly uptempo version? Heaven!!!

So Go for it Serhat…


Calm down now

I understand that the “PED” (Post Eurovision Depression) hit hard in the Eurovision fan world but please remember this.

If all tele voters and juries rank your country as number 11 you end up with 0 points, it do not mean the rest of the world hates your country.

So please agree to disagree but keep some sense in all this…


Congratulations the netherlands

So, life going back to normal the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is over. We thank Tel Aviv and take the circus to the Netherlands next year.

For a second year in a row a song I have at the end of my personal score board take the trophy. So its hard to not sound a bit grumpy. But it was no surprise this year while I last year was sure that the jury groups would have saved Europe from Nettas victory. Duncan been the favorite since the song was announced as the Dutch entry even if I never got the hype.

But let us celebrate the winner of the public vote, Norway! A bit of a surprise to me but well done Keiino.

The last and final download below, result with my comments and of course I must rub it in a bit… My prediction that Iceland would do some political protesting when it was clear they not going to win (or if win from the main stage).