Eurovision 2019 most played songs

Just as the Swedish selection 2019, Melodifestivalen, did the Eurovision 2019 let us down music wise. Only a few songs stand out but on the other hand the broadcaster in Israel presented one of the best Eurovision productions ever. So for the show I am willing to give the highest mark.

But the songs then, the 20 most played Eurovision song from the contest 2019 turned out to be:

  1. Chameleon – Muchela (Malta)
  2. She got it – Luca Hänni (Switzerland)
  3. Run with the lions – Jurijus (Lithuania)
  4. Say Na Na Na (Rico Bernasconi radio edit) – Serhat (San Marino)
  5. Too late for love (Single) – John Lundvik (Sweden)
  6. Truth – Chingiz (Azerbaijan)
  7. Sebi (Dare to dream version) – Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi (Slovenia)
  8. Soldi (Vigiland remix) – Mahmood (Italy)
  9. Say Na Na Na (single) – Serhat (San Marino)
  10. Love is forever – Leonora (Denmark)
  11. Soldi (Remix) – Mohmood (Italy)
  12. Too late for love (Pelago remix) – John Lundvik (Sweden)
  13. Sing Na Na Na (German version) – Serhat (San Marino)
  14. Home (single version) – Kobi Marimi (Israel)
  15. Soldi (English remix) – Mahmood & Isac Elliot (italy)
  16. Scream (Light saber remix) – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)
  17. Soldi (Spanish remix) – Mahmood & Maikel Delacalle (Italy)
  18. Home (remix) – Kobi Marimi (Israel)
  19. Limits (Darude remix) – Paenda (Austria)
  20. She got me (Sunlike Brothers remix) – Luca Hänni (Switzerland)

So overall let us say that 2019 went to Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden and Israel.


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