Finally some good news

Today the French PM, Edouard Philippe and the French Health minister Olivier Véran spoke to the nation on the next steps of opening up France and Parks and Restaurants will open up again. You can find the speeches here

In Paris we can go to the parks again as well as to Cafés and Restaurants, only outside tables in Paris though for now. Bars can open but no drinking at the counter.

This means that the weekend after the one we have in front of us will be a weekend I will for sure stay home, cause it will be a nightmare out. Just to find a place with a free table will most likely be a nightmare and crowded streets of Paris citizens walking around, finally FREE. But there is finally light in the tunnel.

It seems like the borders will open as well, and even if they said some EU countries need reciprocal agreements, cause they stop French people to travel in there it was nothing about Sweden. So maybe France won’t exclude Sweden. And if not it’s only cause the French Government don’t want to do anything not in the EU spirit. Not so sure the people is as thrilled though.

But, France opening up…. Lovely.

Now we will see how work reacts and how they will open up for all of us, and when the work from home will change from 50% of the staff to 0% working from home.

Take care


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