Friday fun

Friday fun, on one hand end of the week work and use lunch to wash up the memory foam madras. Not the complete madras, but I noticed it is possible to take off the cover so go for it. Not easy at all and when looking at the washtag, placed inside, the text said “only wash with a damp cloth. As if, after all that work…. So in the washing machine, and it worked at the end. Bur I also decided to look for a new bed, French ISO.

And today Macron changed the Government, one of the few people I like in French politics, M Philippe, Taken from The :

I guess its a wild try to save some face before the elections 2022, but still a mistake by Macron. I hope M Philippe will run against him.

The first picture today is of the Championet… I watched them cleaning the place up today so maybe they will open soon. So I can develop some anxiety that I must stay inside for some more time. More will follow.

Tar care and have nice weekend.


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