Heart – Stress test

So now it’s done, for this time… I have done the stress test, to check if my heart actually plan to beat for a few more years. And it was “OK” – But wait, they had changed from a treadmill to a exercise bike, fantastic. Don’t kill my knees and right hip (just wait for the day someone tells me I have to make a hip replacement as well). The thing I don’t like is the note from the doctor stopped cause of “fatigue” – fatigue? No but lactic acid in my legs, it was impossible after a while.

In and case, I must go back to my normal doctor to get a new paper to get a ultrasound. Things not so easy here sometimes to do things, we actually had time to dig it today.

But, if you have a bad heart it takes time to recover from something like a stress test. Back home I was not my normal self, nausea and so tired. When I write this I feel ok though. So back to work tomorrow.


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