Il pleut ici à Paris aujourd’hui – without Carola

The first day in the office since way back, think it was mid July and of course it rains, it often rains when in office. Just to make my life a little more wet and grey.

But this was also the first day trying out how it will work to work a full day and go to the gym after work, and it will be OK if I can leave work around 16h00, cause the gym was more or less empty when I arrived and 15 minutes later full (not good from a Corona perspective). And on the treadmill I watched the rain starting again and decided to continue to exercise until it was possible to get home wet from sweat not from the rain. Actually it worked out well and I did my 60 minutes plus 25 minutes.

And tomorrow its scale day again, I don’t think I have lost anything, I feel heavier than before, but I have at least done all planned days in the gym. From Monday it must be out walking again cause the gyms in Paris close caused by the Corona regulations.


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