It’s getting ridiculous now

Before I and my overheated brain start to exclaim in words, cause of the strike, not made for the ears of children I want to explain today’s, from Internet stolen, picture.

Of course I want to congratulate Stellan Skarsgård for his Golden Globe. I think the Skarsgård by now have 2 Golden Globes in the family, annoying talented group of guys in that family.

Nevertheless, with the picture in mind, to all the men all over the world wondering what their girlfriends and wives keep hidden in their bedroom drawers… it’s a Golden Globe!

Strike, Grève or Strejk!

Yesterdays travel back home was a nightmare, and the follow up, today’s trip to work doubled the “fun”. And now, on Thursday, teachers and hospital staff will join this stupid strike. Let me just offer the striking population of France a small epiphany – as long as the strike don’t have any effect on either the economy or the Government you strike to make ordinary peoples lives hell, and nothing will be gained. In real Swedish: “FATTA”. And yes, I use the correct vowel, even if an “I” might have been correct too in this context.

And when I am fighting windmills… Why do it seem like it is the same people now striking whom support Greta Thunberg and fight for less cars in the city and the result so far of their strike? Yes, the streets of Paris overflows with cars.

Now, have a nice day… Mine started bad.


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