Keep busy in Corona times

I am not a big gamer and 99% of all computer games kind of stay outside my circle of interest. You hunt monsters or shoot people like it was no tomorrow. So boring.

But when I still used PC (before I transformed to a higher level and got my first MAC) there were some games I really liked and now in Corona times I have so much free time on my hand that I look at them again, the old discs just standing there screaming “Play me, Play me”. And I can see me again going into the play mood every evening and weekend to build a world, pop group, hotel or make a movie.

So it is a huge “WTF” that all of them can only be played on PC. So now I turn to you out there and try to find similar games or if the games I love actually can be bought in a MAC version.

The two first games I look for in a MAC version, or similar games are:

Pop Star and Zoo Tycoon

The first 2, as I remember them, was fund… But not my first choices of games. So I can survive if I don’t find them, but I did like them. “Zoo Tycoon” and “Pop Star Academy”

Movies and Hollywood Picture
The Movies and Hollywood Pictures

Both two huge favorites and really fun games to build up your movie studio fighting money and hysterical actors. If any of them is out there in MAC versions or new similar games please send me the info and I will buy / buy download them.

Caesar and Casino Empire

OH God, I once upon a time bought Caesar and then followed the series of games until the last one I have, number IV. I love this game, even if I think they could have taken out the power of the Gods to destroy your cities. I remember me sitting at home all night playing Caesar, thinking I just done it for an hour or two but in reality I missed out nights of sleep cause I was in the middle of building a bath house when the alarm went of and it was time to wake up.

So if Caesar still out there and in a MAC version, give it to me… I also played the Casino Empire a lot, not as much as Caesar but I enjoyed it.

Diplomacy and Geo-Political Simulation

And so to the favorites, Geo-Political Simulator and Diplomacy, especially Diplomacy, and again or similar games for MAC. I love geo-politcal games and really want to find them again or get suggestions on similar games.

So if you are a gamer and like the same kind of games as I do please let me know by using the contact form or share this post with people you know like games, and as you understand I prefer simulation games, not shoot and pang pang games.

Have a nice day peeps


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