Less heart attacks during the pandemic

A Swedish study register a 25% decrease of heart attacks during the pandemic. For me as a heart patient a very interesting study as well as not so surprising.

Of course, we are all different and there are a lot of people out there being stressed by distance work and not being able to meet friends and family.

For me, I can just look at my own situation and how less stressed I am today if you compare it to the situation in February / March. I have around 1h45 each day extra free time since I don’t commute. It is almost 2 hours each working day where I can run errands, do some laundry, cleaning as well as just relax, 2 hours a week makes 10 hours extra free time each work. So it also creates a better weekend. More time for myself instead of running around doing things you have to do during the weekend cause there is no time during the week.

It’s healthier cause you also have time to workout out, go out walking, go to the gym etc.

Thanks too no interruption when working its more effective time when I work from home, easier to plan your day and schedule since no one interrupts and ask you to leave what you are doing and do something else cause it’s “urgent”.

All lower stress and of course better for the heart.

I hope homeworking is here to stay, I am sure Sweden will pick it up faster than France (where I live) cause the hierarchy in the work place includes a control of employees that’s not healthy for anyone and only create stress.

Work from home, go to the office when you need archives, face to face meetings, stop conferences and have them online. Work from home and save the commute time also put a stop to the discussion of 6 hour working days, people will get the extra time anyway (this is especially for Swedes since the discussion on 6 hours working days keep going on).

So, this is my insights since March 2020.

Then I wonder… Why naked football?

Not enough balls already in football?


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