lock down alone

You have two different kind of lock down, the “with family” or “alone” (with family includes friends etc), and how you survive depends on your personality… Are you normally a lone wolf or very social and of course the amount of square meters.

I do the lock down alone, and since I am a lone wolf person I survive this more or less well. I talk to my only plant, the coffee maker or he kind of house hold machine I think will give me the best answer at the moment. I can tell you all that my Nespresso machine is a posh machine whilst the vacuum is very tired and mostly whines of the situation we’re in. On the other hand my little hand vacuum machine is a happy camper cause she is in use more than she ever been (she, yes all house hold machines have female names in my world). So I speak to “things”.

But I am a bit disappointed on the fact that no one answered my add on “Swedes in Paris” to let me take care of their cat until the lock down is over. A cat in the house now for a few weeks would be perfect. And since I cant have a cat when life is normal I thought this is a perfect time to help someone else for a few weeks. But no, no cat still.

In any case, yes life works but there are times I am bored, so bored… But it’s not dangerous to be bored so again to my friends, I survive. Really need to start to loose the corona kilos though, I tell myself this on a daily basis but all of a sudden I sit there with a family pack Oreos (which I normally don’t even like) in my mouth.

Take care out there


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