Melfest 4×3, Pt III

Time to wrap this up then, the four last songs in the Melodifestivalen 2020 finals

Mariette “Shout it out” / Year after year Mariette take part and end up as a favorite and I always hate the song. So even if she’s as usual not worth a place in the finals this year I can relax, cause there is no chance in hell she will end up top 5 this year. It’s even a huge joke that she is in the Melodifestivalen 2020 with this shit song. And there are not enough lesbians to vote and make this song a success. And don’t even let me start on her act and clothes this year. For once you can even see on her outfit and style how I think she must smell.

Felix Sandman “Boys with emotions” / After his amazing “Every single day” and the duet with Benjamin Ingrosso, “Happy thoughts” and “Tror du han bryr sig” you might expect a 100% Eurovision winner from Felix. Oh “hujjeda mig” we were wrong. The only plus here is the dance in the chorus, beside this it’s an anthem for guys who need to man up. The lyrics make the song extremely un-sexy and can only be loved by stay at home hipster dads living at Söder in Stockholm, dreaming about a soya latte when they meet their peers on the playground discussing sourdough hotels. a pity cause I do like Felix.

Anna Bergendahl “Kingdom come” / I was in chock last time when she entered Melodifestivalen with “Ashes to Ashes” – a brilliant over the top fantastic song. Chocked cause I was everything but a fan of Anna Bergendahl until then. I really disliked her all the way from Idol Sweden to her flop in Eurovision Song Contest (the first one not taking Sweden to the finals in Eurovision, EVER). “Kingdom come” suffers from the same thing a lot of Eurovision songs today. So good when you see it, but just listen is another thing. Not bad, but this is not a new “Ashes to Ashes”, but the act on stage will boost this song and she will and up top 3 (even top 2 if I’m going to be honest). And it is obvious that SVT want her up there. Her number also includes my favorite Mello Dancer, Daniel Koivunen.

Anis Don Demina “Vem e som oss” / I don’t know if I even can tell you, and you believe me, how much his outfit costs, so I will put that a side. This is the Finals only entry in Swedish, or shall I say “Schweed-ish” cause it is so called “Rinkeby Swedish” (a swedish spoken in areas with a high amount of immigrants). To not have more songs in Swedish in the finals is a shame, and put that on SVT who picked awful songs for the Swedish allocated by quotas entries. This song then, I don’t get it, really. It is a party rap song, but not of Samir and Viktor class. Will get votes tho’ based on energy. But far from enough – even if I would love to send this to Eurovision cause it is so NOT Swedish it’s not a favorite.

So that’s it, tomorrow it’s Friday and then on Saturday it is the grand finale, for you living outside Sweden you can tune in and stream the show at and if you like music (or love Eurovision) you should do so.

So until then take a Swedish Fika and relax.


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