#Melfest Deltävling 2

Let me start with the picture, the almost most important thing during a Melodifestivalen evening, the Ostbågar (Cheeze Doodles). Put in a bowl at least one day before so they get a bit rubbery. That said, let us jump into the selection yesterday, the second of 4 semifinals.

Klara Hammarström – “Nobody”. Klara is, for what I understand, someone whom raised to fame in Sweden since I left so I actually have no clue about her at all. Her song “Nobody” sounds like a Eurovision entry from any of the formar eastern countries, could be a Ukrainian entry. Not bad, but for me a bit dated.

Jan Johansen – “Miraklernas tid” A song written and supposed to be performed by Torsten Flink, but he was disqualified just days before the contest. And there is nothing wrong with this ballad and I think Jan did was what expected. But I am surprised it ended up last on the night. Would Torsten done it better? Hardly think so, we don’t know how he would have done it but I think I prefer Jan Johansen and day of the week before Torsten.

Dotter – “Bulletproof” A song I felt would end up last, then when she passed through from the first votes I felt secure that she would be eliminated directly. So the chock when she was voted directly to the final is enormous. The Swedish viewers kind of lost it completely with this one. Who even want to lift their phone and pay to leave a vote for this crap? I am still upset.

Mendez feat Alvaro Estrella – “Vamos Amigos” As sure as I was that Dotter would be eliminated, as sure was I that this song would go directly to the final. Latino, dance, happiness – something the Swedes usually like. Now they will end up with a second chance to reach the final. So some hope still.

Linda Bengtzing – “Alla mina sorger” I actually don’t know what this was? Schlger? Pop? Techno? And in the middle the schlager queen Linda Bengtzing mother dancing acting as a parent whom embarrassing their children when they have friends over by trying to be “modern”. It was 3 minutes of complete disaster. And I am afraid SVT will see this as the death of Schlager in the contest, and of course it fails when they pick stuff like this to represent the genre.

Paul Rey – “Talking in my sleep” A song from Melodifestivalen that will be a hit after. It was to good to pass through really, need a few times to appreciate. But to know that Dotter passed and this song must go through via the 2nd chance contest… No, it’s to ban quality music in Melodifestivalen forever.

Anna Bergendahl – “Kingdom come” Not as good as her entry last year but a fantastic number and I guess it helped her to reach the final and again shows that Eurovision is less about music and more about show now. But not as upset over her passing through as I was that Dotter did.

A trend in 2020 is when they interview the composers all of them tell us that this entry is an Arena song. OK, not all, but most of them. So it’s for sure the 2020 thing.

I am also more and more sure that SVT prepare for Mariette to win this year. It’s always one performer you kind of have a feeling SVT want to win a bit more than any other of them, and for sure they want a female to win 2020.

With this said I rest my case for a week


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