Most played 2010 – 2019

So now it’s time to see what kind of music made my decade, 2010 – 2019…

Just let me say that I never would have guessed that my 80s idol Amanda Lear should end up with the most played song between 2010 and 2019. But there she is with “C´est la vie” – most likely cause it is one of the best pre-party songs ever recorded so she never left the playlists.

  1. C´est la vie – Amanda Lear
  2. Something in your eyes – Jenny Silver
  3. Agathe – Roberto Bellarosa
  4. Signed on my tattoo – Army of lovers feat Gravitonas
  5. Can’t take my eyes off you – Jimmy Somerville
  6. All about the bass – Maghan Trainor
  7. Aldrig, Aldrig – Andreas Lundstedt
  8. Story of a heart (7th heaven radio) – Steps
  9. The fire – Elin Bergman
  10. En una vida – Coral Segovia

The list of most played Swedish and French music 2010 – 2019 looks like this

And a quick look at the albums over 10 years then…

  1. Agustin Galiana – Agustin Galiana
  2. Veritas – Agnes
  3. A – Agnetha Fältskog
  4. Monkey Me – Myléne Farmer
  5. Tears on the dance floor – Steps
  6. Désobéissance – Myléne Farmer
  7. Ensemble – Kendji Girac
  8. Undressed – Kim Cesarion

So, maybe you find some new songs finding the once above on your streaming platform, if so let me know


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