Not again….

I know, I really do want to be able to update my webpage with fun, light news about living In Paris but now when we still locked in from 21h00 and work weekdays nothing really happens.

So some Corona stuff then… My fourth Covid test will take place on Tuesday next week, I feel OK and the new corona app have not warned me so far.

But looking at France, looking at the news from Spain today I must protest a bit…

Why can’t EU put the same rules in the whole Union for 3 months, I know travels are under a lot of pressure at the moment but please take a decision to not allow leisure travels between EU countries and let the countries decide on travels between their own regions. Exeptions deliveries only.

And outside EU, the country I don´t understand at all at the moment is Switzerland, maybe mostly cause we work a lot with Geneva. There is a 10 day quarantine for people in Paris traveling to Geneva, but at the same time people from our Geneva office visits the Paris office on a weekly basis. And both offices have recorded cases and plan for a huge meeting in Geneva the upcoming months.

Do you get it?

I dont


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