Once now and then

Once now and then it is a good thing to do things you actually know you do not like but kind of remind yourself you don’t. Eating Pizza is for sure one of those things.

First of all, Pizza in France is nothing like Pizza in Sweden, so the experience is different from the beginning. Second the only Pizza I actually like, in Sweden named “opera” (tuna and onion) is nowhere to find in Paris (so far) – Opera is a house, not a Pizza, for most people living in Paris. And the third thing is that Pizza Hut overall makes you awful pizzas.

But yesterday I went to Pizza hut for a take away pizza, Vegetarienne, and as always… It taste awful – so now I can wait at least a year until next time. I might try again in 2020, but not Pizza hut and only if I actually find a Pizza with tuna and onion.


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