“Open up”

When do you count your country as opened up? Paris is sizzling, soon will the cafés open their outdoor seating and people gets a little twinkle in their eyes just thinking about it.

And seriously it is lovely but at the same time, the first weeks, we still have a curfew from 19h00 (will after a while be 23h00) – so open up?

It means in the week you can, after work, sit down, having a beer with friends for maybe 15 minutes before you need to leave to be home before 19h00. OK, this is a grown up problem since the responsible generation, now between 20 to 35 years of age already have given their finger to rules, masks and curfews. Why stay at home when you can Uber home after Midnight?

But, at least we look forward to the new world in front of us.

And note that “Open up” is also the slogan for the Eurovision 2021.


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