Good French class today

French class

Had a good French class today, started with some queries on words from the passed week and went on with more verbs. Or more, same same but difference. Its a struggle to get my mind to understand. And when the French speak fast I have a problem to hear if it is vais or fais together with the Le and La.

I will fail the test in July for sure but at least some things finally falling into place


Atelier des Lumières Paris

A chunk of culture

Todays activity in Paris, visit Atelier des Lumieres

The BIG thing right now is the Gustav Klimt exhibition and what everyone there waited for…. The painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer. So the hour of light and sound ends up in some kind of wait for a few seconds of one painting… Very strange feeling.

BUT on the other hand the Atelier des Lumieres turned out to be a amazing venue and even if not the best for people with no balance (me) or anyone with risk for epilepsy.

Well worth a visit, book in advance and visit the cemetery in the area and Piaf and Oscar Wildes graves the same day.


Gustav Klimt
Atelier des lumières

The horror of a test

Second lesson this week

So, today I survived my second French lesson this week and the date for the test getting closer and closer and I still understand “pas”.

And its still the verbs in a horror combination with “he” and “she”. For heavens sake things are “it” not a man or a woman. I will flunk this test so enormous so old sins like the grade 1 in Mathematics when I was 9 years old will fade away.

But, no more lessons this week, but from tomorrow until Sunday  I must think French and whatever I do translate it in my mind. A new way of “talking to myself”.