Paris – The worst example

To read the news this morning, Swedish news, it’s not that flattering for the French war on Covid… Paris is painted out as the worst place on earth at the moment, and no, we living in France is not surprised.

Aftonbladet article

Just look at the people at work, the younger crowd is not following the 19h00 curfew, even brag about it, and Im not sure if the employer should tell them: “OK, if you don’t follow the regulations, you are not welcome to the office, even if you need to”. I guess that is against some rules here in France. But it do not make me feel safe.

Yesterday at around 20h00 there was some kind of crowd outside my door at home… As a typical Swede I sneak up to the peephole and looked and there was around 8 – 10 people soon singing “Happy Birthday” to the neighbor. Not only to much people in one place at the same time, also one hour after curfew.

So the French is feed up. Just look at this picture:

Paris March 2021

And again, as said over and over the only way to get the covid figures down is a hard lock down, all over France for 3 weeks and then have additional 3 weeks whit travel restrictions in- and out of the country. No one can travel outside the country. Let people travel in France after the first 3 weeks but then no.

But a decision like that is something the EU leaders do not dare to take, but for the people, if we want a summer with open restaurants and cafès it’s a must even if a decision like that will make people pissed. But looking at how people in the French capital act right now it’s like they don’t understand that what you do today will decide what kind of summer you will have 2021.

And for heavens sake, close the schools and keep the little Covid viruses in the form of children away from normal people! Kids missed school during wars without turning into idiots and mentally ill citizens. Children and young people survive.


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