Passed weekend

Laissez-moi vous présenter Laila, Let me introduce you to Laila, Låt mig presentera Laila.

Yes it is a fact, I am with bike, and unfortunately with helmet. Helmet do not add to the “look of the day” as you all understand. But it might help to add more days alive to create the “look of the day” – so I got one. More or less just cause in my head I heard my mother go: “You do not ride a bike in Paris without a helmet”.

And it makes sense cause I truly do not have any balance at all. And just going from the shop to my home, not further away than maybe 200 meters, I realized that “Just riding a bike” is not true. Honestly you need somewhere to practice to get the hang of it, especially on narrow Paris roads with cars parked on both sides. To scratch cars is not a good thing.

So I might come back to the subject of riding a bike in Paris.


As you all know my iTunes decided to delete all my play counts when I decided to go back from Apple music to just iTunes again. So my playlists won’t look normal for a long time yet, but it’s still fun to follow what’s happening. So This mornings album plays, top 5:

Top 5 albums this morning

Good Helmet on you all.

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