Etikettarkiv: 2020


A lot of my friends mainly in Sweden, started their vacation Friday this week, and I stumbled over vacation pictures tagging my photos (yes finally a clean up of double jpgs and blurry pictures). Do you remember when we could travel like birds, by plane (yes Greta, you will never put me on a train or a ship for more than a few hours) when we wanted to?

And yes I know, it’s only been months without this right but I tell the world, as soon as Morocco open up for vacation travels from France and for Swedes, I will book and believe me… Not less than 20 days.

And even if the photo above is from Egypt, not Morocco, it’s a feeling, and the best feeling.


Friday fun

Friday fun, on one hand end of the week work and use lunch to wash up the memory foam madras. Not the complete madras, but I noticed it is possible to take off the cover so go for it. Not easy at all and when looking at the washtag, placed inside, the text said “only wash with a damp cloth. As if, after all that work…. So in the washing machine, and it worked at the end. Bur I also decided to look for a new bed, French ISO.

And today Macron changed the Government, one of the few people I like in French politics, M Philippe, Taken from The :

I guess its a wild try to save some face before the elections 2022, but still a mistake by Macron. I hope M Philippe will run against him.

The first picture today is of the Championet… I watched them cleaning the place up today so maybe they will open soon. So I can develop some anxiety that I must stay inside for some more time. More will follow.

Tar care and have nice weekend.



What a Thursday, time kind of run pass me and all of a sudden the work day was over. I like days like that.

But I also noticed I forgot to write about the fever I experienced the night between Tuesday and Wednesday… As said before I had a vaccine shot earlier this week and I was aware of the pain you can feel in the muscle where they place the needle… And believe me it was painful. My ar just hanged there useless, 100% useless. And later I woke up swimming in sweat freezing like hell, so I wished I had read the downside of polio vaccine:

After the vaccine you can experience 38 – 39 degrees fever

So, now I have to wash sheets and pillows this weekend and with my heart condition, always warned if I get a fever Im not sure if the lack of telling me this before was a good decision from the Doctor….

But no Corona, maybe cause:

Have a nice evening


The vaccine

As you know from the post yesterday I took a vaccine shot for Polio, Diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) – cause I did not have the protection anymore, or maybe… But I did not have any vaccine papers from like 1982. Wait until they notice I never got the shots we are suppose to take during military service… I am sure it will be some more vaccine to take after that.

But, why talk about this another day? Cause my arm is hurting me like hell today, a bit feverish as well, so ho ho what a fun thing. But I can’t lift my left arm at all. Managed to work though, and I am glad to be a kidney stone patient, cause pain is kind of relative.

Also day one in the loose 10 kg so carrots, cauliflower and chicken filet without any of the good stuff. Chicken taste nothing without butter, a sauce and chili.

Did not book a time for the stress test though, so I need to do that tomorrow, as well as the very very late dentist appointment. Lets talk dentists tomorrow.


“day off”

So, I took a day off to do my 6 month health check up today, and it is a good thing really… Cause its always a lot to take in when you meet with the doctor, even if most is fine.

But, I got a certificate from my doctor today that I am in the risk for Corona so the best thing for me is to work from home even if France open up more, and that is fine. It mean I can work from home, only go in to office when I can’t do work at home – but the down side is that I kind of still is in lock down… I can’t go out and have coffee even if the cafés is open.

And the bad things, I have to loose 10 kg, I must do a new stress test and I must do some kind of work out each day. Not just fun…

But, waiting for my scheduled time today I did had a chance to take a coffee at a café close to where my doctor have his office and even if it was very windy it was nice to feel some kind of normal for a while.

Take care


Finally, the Eurovision Movie released on netflix

After speculations, rumors and wild guesses the Eurovision movie finally reached us via Netflix streaming services. And let us be frank, the film is better than I thought it would be. But as a film about Eurovision… No not really, it is a classic love story with Eurovision as the back drop. It could have been the same story but with Idol, or America got talent as the venue, but they made a choice and went for Eurovision.

If I were Icelandic I might not be so positive to how my country is put forward as a step behind the rest of Europe but I guess we still can joke about Icelandic white citizens even if it is on the edge of being an insult.

So how much is Eurovision in this story? Not much really, as a fan you can find so many wrongs that it’s not worth to go into it, cause you are not supposed to see the film as an attempt to raise the worlds awareness of The Eurovision Song Contest, but a few things that is funny… Sweden compete with a rap song, won’t happen in many years to come. The few full time songs on the Soundtrack is actually not bad, what I wish for is that the songs they only recorded as 1:30 minute snippets had been given a full length version on the Soundtrack, and the best “Eurovision” moment in the film is the Medley with many Eurovision artists doing a sing a long during the Russian delegations party. Those minutes are actually a fiesta for Eurovision fans, and very welled played.

Salvador Sobrals cameo is also a nice touch as well as the part of the Russian singer Alexander Lemtov (played by Dan Stevens), a role where you kind of wait for him to be a East State bad guy and end up in not being that at all. The part is there to show the finger to the Russian LGBT laws, but very very much “under the cover” to not upset mother Russia.

So, what to finally say? If you are a huge Eurovision fan expecting a Eurovision extravaganza, you will be disappointed, if you sit down to watch a rom com in a musical environment you will enjoy the movie.

If you buy the Soundtrack, it will make you go crazy that a few songs only are max 2 minutes long, but the final ballad will make you smile every time you hear it – and I will not be surprised if the real Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will put some of the songs in the shows interval acts.



What just happened?

Around one Corona incubation period after the BLM protests in Paris the following news popped up:

Nothing on where in France or how an increase of 1000 new cases in one day, the new normal since May 450 – 500 cases, been possible. All reached me not he same day when work announced business as normal from the 6th of July. The feeling that countries open up to fast is there. Even if it’s also true that I am more concerned now, after my antibody test, then before. Crazy I know.

But let us talk about something else, the picture is the boring shopping bag on Friday, and the more fun one:

fun shopping bag

But they only had 2 btl of Casal Garcia on stock…

Another thing under the banner of “What just happened” is:

Swedish men shave their legs

An article why Swedish men started to shave their legs, so as always Swedes do everything to turn out less manly, Sweden is a joke in many many ways…


Finally summer is here

Its strange when you think about it, I handle heat very bad, but still just love 30 degrees or more. Yes, I look like a huge lump of hair and sweat, but still it is so nice. But there is always a but, this is also the only season I can miss something from Stockholm and Sweden. The access to the sea, lakes just a bike ride or short bus ride away. Not possible in Paris, you have the parks, but it do not feel 100% to go to a park full of people and undress to your speedos and lay down for a few hours.

And now with Corona in the air, its actually a really stupid idea.

But again, its warm, and nice, and thanks heaven for Perrier.


One day out of two in office done. And I promise I won’t go on once more with the benefits of home working, but really…. Travel 2 hours (total) for 8 hours of work you can do from home?

Beside that I only have a few days left of HBO subscription, so I really need to watch all episodes of the second season of “Succession”. I also checked my bills from Orange and need to understand how it is possible they don’t follow what I think they will end up in. It’s not normal that a phone bill (with a set price subscription) change all between 2 euros up to 30 euros.

So, that’s it… Back to HBO