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I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder, I wonder if Annie Lööf took a psychology examination, what would be the outcome? Phsychopath? Narcistic disorder? Full blown maniac?

I wonder when the world will see that the Green party movement globally is like a huge sect, and believe me, I will not be surprised if we soon find them in the jungle drinking cyanide.

I wonder when people will understand that Greta not write her blogs, speeches, Tweets herself… And actually see that the speechwriters is very active in antifa.

But all the above is I wonder on a large scale, and there are more, so much more. So why think about things you can’t influence and instead wonder over things around your own person.

I don’t know, seriously, if my co-workers forget that I’m not in their age at all. I am in the same age as most of their parents, who they are worried about cause they are “older”. I am in the same age that, in some parts of the world, is the presumed life expectancy.

Add to the above that it seems like they forget that I have a serious heart condition which don’t impact my work per se, but there are things that make stuff tougher. And my glyceryltrinitrat spray, who I always mention is there when new people arrive, seems to be forgotten an hour or two after the introduction of it.

That I can pop a vein within a minute, or in 5 years time is kind of forgotten (or ignored).

I know this post is very much me me me, almost Annie Lööf ego, but I am amazed how stuff is just forgotten by people you meet more or less daily. I mean… Do I look like a healthy 30 years old? NO!

So with all the above taken into account, add the kidney problem, I can say I am happy to not have one sick day as long as I have worked for my current employer, and only 1 day in 2013 and 21.5 in 2014 after the heart failure. Looking around me I must say that outcome is not too bad.

OK, no more about it, just needed to ventilate, I binge watch too much “Chicago Med” at the moment.



Rain in the morning is hell when you try to not go by Metro to work. Bike home in the afternoon is OK, who cares if you drippin’ wet arriving home? But to work?

So the options? Raining, yes, I give up and take the Metro, something that makes my day around 60 minutes longer and fu** up the evenings work out and must do (like pharmacy, groceries, laundry). If just stopped to rain or rain is in the air I put on the raincoat and go. Sound like a good and sane idea?

To bike in a raincoat is like putting a exercise bike in a sauna. When arriving to work your shirt is more or less related to a t-shirt in a wet t-shirt contest. I also developed, since I started to work out, the unfortune to sweat on my arse, so with the right kind of pants it looks like I wet myself. Fresh? Not at all, also the reason why on warm days make salt lines on the sofa. It’s a huge mon Dieu on that one.

So I can only put the AC at work on HIGH and hope to dry off before my colleagues arrive – if not specific meetings planned will most likely be around 2 hours from me arriving.


(Rumors at work is toxic.)


Even if I don’t have the answer, or handing out amazing prizes, I have a really interesting quiz on my blog today. Go wild and guess away, cause I am really curious…

Somewhere in the world there is a country where it is very dark mornings, no sunlight before 9h30 – ish, and in this country it is 100% normal to dress in a black tight tracksuit, without as much as a tiny tiny reflective devise on. It is like in the movies, camouflage yourself and go all in when it comes to a strange national sport.

When dressed up for playing the game, going out. Either walk around, invisible on the pavement, and now and then, run over the street to the other side without using the illuminated pedestrian crossing 5 – 10 meters away. Make it a sport to cross the street as many time as possible until reaching the crossing, when there… Finally… Walk against RED.

If there is a possibility cross the street where it is as dark as possible and why not just stop, and turn back?

This country also encourage the use of scooters, so the best thing for the track suit people is to buy or rent a scooter without any kind of light. So people on bikes and in cars actually can’t see them until they are max 2 meters away. This sport is even way more fun when the scooter is electric and fixed to go way faster than allowed.

The country I look for must have a deal with France so their citizens can move to Paris and there introduce this national sport to the French population.

If any of you now where in the world this country is and why they all end up in Paris when they move, please enlighten me.

In the meantime, it took ABBA 40 years to comeback, so we expect a second comeback in 2061…. The Abbatars alreay there…

Pic by: JLP @celebjacker27

Have a nice day


Another Monday

Welcome to a new week, fresh, relaxed, full of all that energy you built up over the weekend… Not…

I managed to force myself to go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, but it was tough, really tough. Every fiber in my body screamed “NO!”, and on top of it all one of the Baccara ladies passed this weekend. My childhood heroes is in the “passing age” now.

I also start to rethink all this gym and biking. I do not feel at least better, more energy, less sick as I am supposed to. Actually the opposite. No energy, more out of breath than before. So it will be really interesting when I go on the next 6 month check up. I am sure, without knowing at this stage, I will be sent to a new stress test.

And for you who wonder, I still update my iTunes – Something the new situation with Klarna (see previous post) not exactly helping with, if I need to download a new vesrion of a song.

But last week all this updating the play counts in Itunes gave this result:

Last weeks most played songs, result

That said, try to survive another week friends.


TGIF, and Klarna

Yes, again, TGIF… And every Friday I use TGIF as a tag it feels like Fridays arrives very often… While the weeks feels like they never ends… Strange things. It’s like weekends, 1 hour on a Saturday can’t possible be as long as 1 Monday hour.

And why bring Klarna up here? Cause it is a shit company who taken over too much of the digital payment market in Sweden, and fuck things up. Let me explain, from what I noticed.

I have 2 Swedish Master Cards still in use, why? First of all to get a credit card in France is a nightmare and I do not plan to be in France for the rest of my life and want to keep my bank accounts.

All of a sudden the banks start to work together with Klarna and every time I buy something Klarna check with the Swedish population register, which now (since 2 months back) block all payments.

Calling the bank they say, “no we have never been able to have customers not living in Sweden”, upon I provide them with the letters from 2015 where I asked if I could keep the accounts and cards when I moved abroad, upon they answered “yes”. They have also, since 2015, sent the bills (paper) and new plastic cards to my French address. And around 2 months ago they changed to only digital invoices, and thats when all this started. And, even if it’s just a guess, they now use Klarna, cause way back, I have never been able to buy anything from webstores using Klarna, all cause I don’t have a Swedish address.

So, for fucks sake open up for EU at least. Happy enough to say Im not the only one who hates Klarna.

From that, welcome to this weeks Covid in France update:

And again then, TGIF


National Holiday

“National Holiday” you say? Yes, but not here in France, but my colleagues in Switzerland will enjoy a day in their beds eating chocolate and drink red wines all day. Celebrating an old angel or saint or something. I’m not even sure it’s a national holiday, or if it’s only the French speaking part of Switzerland.

In any case, I am FREE. And can dive into my emails without a risk to be attacked with accounting queries, Luv it.

Talking about love…. A time ago, soon a year, I loved my iTunes media player, and as you know by now all of a sudden Apple decided (or more my MacBook decided) to restore my play count to “0”. And since then I have tried to put some kind of “normal” back.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, the same MacBook decided to move all my mp3 to a new folder, Have no idea why. But instead of the external disc I use for music and photos a new folder appeared on my HD.

I love Apple, and all their products, but one thing I hate is that the computer (a.k.a. Apple) sometimes decide how you supposed to work, not you… Just caused by someone at Apple think it’s the best way ever to do it their way.

If I ever leave the Apple world and go back to a PC, it will be the reason, I want to set up my folders, cloud service etc MY WAY, not in Apples way. And don’t ask me about the apple cloud and how documents change place without you doing anything.

And why todays photo? Swiss French keyboard…. I rest my case.


Soufiane Ababri

So finally I found the site selling the new book from the artist Soufiane Ababri,

Buy on: Steidz

“La rose donne naissance….” – Each text in both French and English, together with his interesting paintings.

Let’s come back to the book later on when I have gone through it carefully. I hope I will like it as much as I like his pictures, even if they might be both provocative and a bit naughty.

At the same time in Sweden TV start a new show about power women, and cast… Yes famous women. Let me first say, yes I am sure they had a rough time being where they are today, so no shadow will fall on them for reaching the success.

But seriously, Single mother with 2 kids one with a some kind of illness or something is in my eyes more worth than sitting in the “Idol” jury or writing bad detective mysteries… And yes I know people will hate me for those comments.



First, before talking about what happened yesterday with ABBA, Today it’s now 08h41 and I have 12.686 steps on my step counter, it’s 10.8 km, yes I feel very good about myself, even if it’s not Swedish at all.

What is Swedish is ABBA, and yesterday was the day when 5 million Swedes joined a lot of people around the world watching a YouTube channel. ABBA is back.

So what happened? Two new songs was presented, the “ABBA-tar” project was introduced, none of the two surprised anyone, been gossiping about that for weeks. BUT, what we knew before yesterday was the release of 4 new songs, so the surprise here was they recorded a new album, release November 2021.

About the show yesterday, the avatars, called “ABBA-tars”, looked scary, I’m still not onboard even if I get it, and when in London most likely will try to get tickets.

The two songs presented yesterday was a ballad I think reminded me a lot about ABBA ballads, will take a while before it stick in my mind. The uptempo song was a banger though, will be played a lot the upcoming months, for sure. And Swedish radio already repeat it over and over. Heard it twice before 6 o’clock this morning.

But overall the show felt very “Café Norrköping” (a so called café tv show, like a poor mans American late night talkshows), not as professional as I thought, very low key and all over the place. And when it ends with a view of a German ABBA fan crying over the new songs… Oh my God…

But I am happy that woke Björn Ulveaus not fell in the trap to write a “Hymn for Greta” or peace on earth, save the climate lyrics. It was a risk.

So bad show, good songs and we wait for the album. So I will get back to ABBA in a few months.

And we end with the current Covid situation in France.


Clear sky and ABBA Voyage

So, after two years of waiting for it the ABBA Voyage start today, the kick off is later today, ABBA VOYAGE

So what do we expect from this day? 2 new songs to be released, out of the promised 4 newly recorded ones. And most likely the opening date of the “avatar” concert (something I’m not that exited about, but maybe fun for the kids).

If I understand it the ABBA Concert avatar show will be a fixed scene in the UK, daily shows for 2 years before it moves to Stockholm Sweden, and I guess at Djurgården next to the ABBA museum – sounds logical, even if there is no room for it at the moment.

And 4 new ABBA songs, they are kind of 500 years old all of them so let us guess ballads… Maybe remixed by someone really famous? But it will be a joy to hear Agnetha again, and I hope she will record at least one more solo album soon, in Swedish!!! And a English version as bonus.

So that is what this day will be about. Work? Yes, I guess I will have some time for it…