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Paris mornings

Just take a look around you in the mornings in Paris, with all the garbage piled up on the streets, and ask the same thing the people living in Paris ask themselves; “Why so many rats in Paris?” – As a Swede, lived in Stockholm, rats is not a new thing. Up until 2019 I actually been seeing less rats in Paris than in Stockholm, but the amount of rats kind of exploded in 2019. And might this be a reason for it.. The French garbage system?

On the fun side, all of a sudden and finally a ripped version of Styles first album “So Chic”… I actually forgot about this song (image below) and how fantastic it is.


Längtar tillbaks till dej

Finally 1980 ready

Eurovision Section

As you know one section on this website is dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest and honestly, it take so much more time than expected. But finally 1980s been done.

I decided to publish a base and work on them when I finally have it all done so there will be updates…