Etikettarkiv: ABBA

Strange morning

As you all know I always listen to Swedish radio in the morning before leaving for office (if working from home podcasts). No change in the routine this morning but all of sudden, for the first time since ABBA announced their comeback album no ABBA songs aired. Kind of used to hear the two released songs each morning now, but no… That news getting colder.

So, yesterdays workout… 30 minutes less than normal, but both rings been closed, movement and training.

When I leave later than normal, and for that reason workout later I get stressed and then I jump on the treadmill and start the powerwalk not at all relaxed. And of course I hurt myself. So it will be interesting to see how the workout sessions today and tomorrow (before my surgery) will work out. Cause I have to do the treadmill Friday morning, have no idea if I will be able to workout over the weekend after the surgery. Mostly cause I guess it might be a bit of a fever like the last time.

So that is my update of the day.



First, before talking about what happened yesterday with ABBA, Today it’s now 08h41 and I have 12.686 steps on my step counter, it’s 10.8 km, yes I feel very good about myself, even if it’s not Swedish at all.

What is Swedish is ABBA, and yesterday was the day when 5 million Swedes joined a lot of people around the world watching a YouTube channel. ABBA is back.

So what happened? Two new songs was presented, the “ABBA-tar” project was introduced, none of the two surprised anyone, been gossiping about that for weeks. BUT, what we knew before yesterday was the release of 4 new songs, so the surprise here was they recorded a new album, release November 2021.

About the show yesterday, the avatars, called “ABBA-tars”, looked scary, I’m still not onboard even if I get it, and when in London most likely will try to get tickets.

The two songs presented yesterday was a ballad I think reminded me a lot about ABBA ballads, will take a while before it stick in my mind. The uptempo song was a banger though, will be played a lot the upcoming months, for sure. And Swedish radio already repeat it over and over. Heard it twice before 6 o’clock this morning.

But overall the show felt very “Café Norrköping” (a so called café tv show, like a poor mans American late night talkshows), not as professional as I thought, very low key and all over the place. And when it ends with a view of a German ABBA fan crying over the new songs… Oh my God…

But I am happy that woke Björn Ulveaus not fell in the trap to write a “Hymn for Greta” or peace on earth, save the climate lyrics. It was a risk.

So bad show, good songs and we wait for the album. So I will get back to ABBA in a few months.

And we end with the current Covid situation in France.


Clear sky and ABBA Voyage

So, after two years of waiting for it the ABBA Voyage start today, the kick off is later today, ABBA VOYAGE

So what do we expect from this day? 2 new songs to be released, out of the promised 4 newly recorded ones. And most likely the opening date of the “avatar” concert (something I’m not that exited about, but maybe fun for the kids).

If I understand it the ABBA Concert avatar show will be a fixed scene in the UK, daily shows for 2 years before it moves to Stockholm Sweden, and I guess at Djurgården next to the ABBA museum – sounds logical, even if there is no room for it at the moment.

And 4 new ABBA songs, they are kind of 500 years old all of them so let us guess ballads… Maybe remixed by someone really famous? But it will be a joy to hear Agnetha again, and I hope she will record at least one more solo album soon, in Swedish!!! And a English version as bonus.

So that is what this day will be about. Work? Yes, I guess I will have some time for it…


Sweden in Eurovision

After playing a bit with Malta yesterday I thought I might show you guys my most played Swedish entries. Note that its only three years ago a check placed “När vindarna viskar mitt namn” by Roger Pontare as number one… Swedish entry year 2000, but now… we have changes.

  1. 2016 “If I were sorry” Frans
  2. 2004 “Det gör ont” Lena Philipsson
  3. 1999 “Take me to your heaven” Charlotte Perrelli
  4. 1985 “Bra vibrationer” Kikki Danielsson
  5. 1989 “En dag” Tommy Nilsson
  6. 1974 “Waterloo (English) ABBA
  7. 2008 “Hero” Charlotte Perrelli
  8. 2003 “Give me your love” Fame
  9. 2009 “La voix” Malena Ernman
  10. 2006 “Invincible” Carola
  11. 1999 “Tusen och en natt” Charlotte Perrelli
  12. 1977 “Beatles” Forbes
  13. 1986 “E de det här du kallar kärlek” Monika Törnell & Lasse Holm
  14. 1994 “Stjärnorna” Marie Bergman & Roger Pontare
  15. 1968 “Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mig” Claes-Göran Hederström
  16. 1984 “Diggi loo Diggi ley” Herreys
  17. 1974 “Waterloo (Swedish) ABBA
  18. 2017 “I can´t go on” Robin Bengtsson
  19. 1962 “Sol o vår” Inger Berggren
  20. 1991 “Fångad av en stormvind” Carola

So, and again, most played might not be the same as the best song but more or less, who walk around listening to songs you don’t like?


My friends don’t understand me….

It’s obvious that my friends don’t understand me, or more they do not understand the meaning of life… My former colleague Agustina entered her work without a clue who Mylène Farmer is… I tried to update her on the obvious: “Take Beatles, ABBA, Rollings Stones, Mozart, Beyoncè and Madonna” and morph them into one person and you will end up with Mylène Farmer.

From my point of view a perfect and very true statement something my next former colleague Sèbastien kind of thought was “en peu” outside real life but at least he admitted that she is a French icon.

So, yesterday I received my ticket for the First Concert in June 2019, yes the FIRST of (I think 7 all together) which i gladly shared on the social media at my disposal and the reaction from my envious friends was – NADA! NIENTE! NONE! AUCUN!

Don’t you understand how jealous you all need to be? Whats wrong with you guys?

So, I only announce this once, I will try to get tickets to at least 2 more of the Concert dates but cheaper seats, “Da Girl is expensive to watch live”


ABBA – New Songs

A surprise if any, new songs by ABBA… The original ABBA… Amazing. Let us hope the boys managed to write a new “The winner takes it all” and we will be home. OK, even if I rather had seen a new 12 track album by Agnetha solo two new ABBA songs will for rock my world when released.

But we have the “but”, at the same time ABBA will tour as avatars, a real band, a real tour but the group will be there as digital avatars. I just ask why? And what will happen with touring in the future? Will Cher go on her “Farwell Tour” after her departure from earth?

And at the same time, with Avicii in mind… This way of touring might have saved him from breaking.

But still, new songs, the second Mamma Mia movie, avatar tour is a marketing package others would kill for.

With that, sit down and sing one of ABBAs best songs, “Money Money Money”

The picture from “Dagens Nyheter” where Björn U claims he bought the world forgot about ABBA… In what universe?