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The moooove

Even if I started to work for my employer 2 month ahead of September 2015 I still count the “real” moving date from the day the boxes from Stockholm arrived in September 2015.

And I remember how big the apartment looked when it was empty. From there until now, still with to much “stuff” around one of the things i really miss is a basement to store things I want to keep but not need in the apartment. Everything can’t be stored under the bed even if all the boxes there give no place for monsters.

Have a nice day


Time to plan

Voila, now I have my apartment for 3 more years, yes the contract. I knew it in February already but to be sure I wanted to wait a while. So now… Time to look at the furnishing and implement some ideas to go from the IKEA home I have to something fun. Yes, I might have watch the UK show on interior design challenge a bit too much and I am not allowed to change things without an OK from the owner (no its not a second hand contract but the French rental laws are strange).

All won’t happen in 2018 but:

New sofa, new worktop in the kitchen, new shower cabin (at least new doors), more storage, smart storage and a new bed (with smart storage included) are the main goals.

Some electricity re-wire and painting also on the agenda. Think I start with that since it cost less.

So just need to win the Euro Loto then…