Etikettarkiv: Bjorn Nordlund

7th of June 2019 – Myléne farmer

So, have had a few days now thinking of the concert last Friday. And first was it better than the “Timeless” Tour? Actually yes I loved the the “Timeless” Tour concert but the one now in Paris, Defense Arena, is better. And you might still be able to get some tickets since they added new dates. If you have a shot at it, do it.

Myléne Farmer know how to take control of her public and make them jump when she say jump. She is the master of the game and the audience follows. A slightly older crowed than you might expect during a pop concert (rock is another thing), but these people have most likely followed her since the 80s and the rumor that this is the last time she will put on such a huge production made them buy the tickets.

And Myléne is not getting younger so the high notes, her characteristic way of singing is not as easy for her today as 10 years back and I am happy she realize this and use the technical ways she can to not make a “Madonna at Eurovision 2019” mistake. Its smart and do not shade the performance.

Another of her specifics is the synchronized dancing. More or less standing on the same spot and dance, this is all there still. Just like when I discovered her in the 80s and it looks SO GOOD and the dancers are 100% in sync.

If anything, which is more or less me looking for something to say “not so good” about is that I was a bit disappointed on the outfits this time. The where more toned down than usual, looked amazing but still nothing “over the top” strange as it can be with Gaultier making the dresses. But again, it looked amazing.

So, I won’t write so. much more now, get back to it when I have seen it again on the 14th together with Swedish friends who has no clue about Myléne Farmer more than I feed them with for years.


final countdown and national day

Today it’s the day before the Concert with Mylène as well as the Swedish National day, a national day without any purpose really. It is a “hittepå” (made up) National day and not even close to the Norwegian or French once.

The Swedish National day was created out of jealousy in 1983, you know: All other countries have a National day why don’t we?

So they took one bank holiday giving the Swedes a long weekend each year and moved it to the 6th of June (a day moving around in the calendar and only creates bridge days or take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

But it gives the Royal Family something to once a year so we don’t pay for them doing nothing. That’s nice of us.

But always remember that the real National day in the peoples minds is “Midsommarafton”.

But I put up the Swedish flag at my desk and wish all Swedes in France (or elsewhere) a nice National day and look forward to the concert tomorrow and try to forget the dentist today.



Seriously? Do you believe in someone who says, “I have no prejudice”? Would believe it is the biggest lie in today’s society. Maybe it is because I am Swedish and hear about all those fantastic so open minded but then have a lot of opinions about races, individuals, religions, sexuality, specific countries etc, without having any experience of the things above.

So today i come out of the closet as a proud prejudiced person well aware that the opinions I have about some things, I really dont have a clue about, is just a prejudice until it is either proven or disproved. Cause in my world a prejudice is not actually a prejudice if it time and time again turns out to be a fact or true even if the surroundings mean that it is…

Discuss folks, discuss.


paris – Summer

So, yesterday Paris really meet summer, for real. Finally according to me… But as always heat is only fun when you don’t work so I hope for more modest temperatures during the week. A week full of stuff I must do before one week of “vacation”. Vacation within brackets since having visitors from Sweden over actually not so much of a vacation. It’s fun but you need to do the tourism tour a Paris… This time I can enjoy the fact that my guest been in Paris before so not son much sights this time.

Enjoy Paris now… Locals and Tourists


Europe Voted

Not much to say really, first we voted for Eurovision and now for the European Parliament. The favorite won in Eurovision and the favorites… Not so much won in the EU election. At least not in all countries.

The two I am more connected too, Sweden and France ended up in a split. As always, in Sweden, all parties say they won even if the lost votes since the last election. I am surprised to find Centern, The Green Party and Liberal party with so much support. None of them is even close to have any confidence in my book.

In France, O la la, Macron only second, I don’t care who won in France as long as Macron failed… I wished for a bigger difference and his liberal views to end up like 4th of 5th party in France. But still not winning is a step in the right direction.

And all art is not pretty….