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Tourism in Paris

Cities all over Europe now change their policy on Tourism and implement rules for tourists to follow and minimize the impact tourism has on buildings, monuments and attractions.

Barcelona, Mallorca, Venice, Sicily and Malta only a few but also Paris will now change the way tourists see the city and this will be really really fun to see how the city will handle their own ideas.

Cause tourist buses will be banned in the city and tourists are asked to use bikes, walk or public transports.

First let us look at the public transport… Already on the edge of what the Metro can handle to push groups of tourists down underground fighting to be able to enter a Metro is kind of an awful idea. And for Asian tourists with the habit to travel the world covering their noses and mouths scared as hell of catching any kind of bugs a day in the French Metro system won’t meet their expectations of the French capital.

And to push a group of tourists out in the Parisian traffic on a bike or scooter following a guide use to the traffic is not what I call Road Safety.

But I do understand that cities need to do something and have no good alternatives myself, but it will be “fun” to see what the future brings.

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IQOS experience III

So, the IQOS testing still going on, still no “real” cigarettes so it works to take the edge of the nicotine addiction for sure. But the HEETS sticks is still a problem, the menthol ones “Label Blue” is still my favorite cause it feels like smoking when you inhale, but the menthol taste do not work with drinks. I don’t like beer tasting toothpaste or a nice cold Aperol Spritz being taken over of menthol. I think Philip Morris need to find a better “tobacco” taste cause the Amber- and Sienna labels do not taste much.

But I am also happy to find out that the first IQOS device I bought was a bad device, as you find out on the picture I bought a new cap to my IQOS 3, yes I now have a “Swedish” IQOS – The old yellow and blue (no, its Swedish not Ukrainian).

The Heet stick did not go down to the line on my first IQOS 3, with the new cap it does… So it wasn’t me, it was the device.

I also have an idea for the manufactures of the IQOS but I need to update it first before I present this to the world.

Again, I have no attachments to Philip Morris, IQOS or HEETS, I am a consumer and do not get paid to write about IQOS. And if you don’t smoke remember that even vaping is bad for your health and there is no reason to ever start.




So, the day is finally here. No not for the plumber but for my nephew to come down to the continent and visit for a few days. And of course Paris will offer rain and a gray skyline.

At the same time my neighbor have a problem with the pipes in their kitchen so the plumber need to get into my apartment to check the pipes from the top of the house to the neighbors kitchen, on Friday.

All at the same time, kind of pissing me off really

Have a nice day


The iqos experience – Part II

I promised to get back on the IQOS experience and the Heating sticks, “Heets” now when I tried IQOS for a while. Again, I am not hired, payed or work for IQOS or Philip Morris – this is a true consumer report. And remember, no one under 18 years old should ever try to smoke OR if you never smoked before… Why even start, it is a addiction so hands off boys and girls.

So far I have tried the sticks: Bronze, Sienna, Amber, Blue and Turquoise said to be (in the same order) Cigarr, strong tobacco, Marlboro like, Strong Menthol and Menthol.

Bronze, for me, do not taste much at all so I kind of dropped the Bronze label after just trying them while Sienna have a bit more taste of tobacco but I can’t call it strong. Best or shall I say most reminding of a “real” cigarette is the Amber Label, I still wish for a more tobacco flavored heating stick but Amber works. And for me who like the taste of a smoke together with a coffee or a drink or beer this is my choice for a night out or with the coffee after dinner.

The best result tho’ is the Label Blue (I don’t understand why there is a Blue and a Turquoise cause it’s not a big difference even if the Blue Label offers a bit stronger menthol taste). I did not smoke menthol cigarettes cause they gave me a terrible headache if only smoking menthol but sometimes it was a nice taste. But as with normal cigarettes menthol takes over and don’t work well with coffee or a beer. So the best is to have two choices with you. I have no problem to use the Blue label all the time apart from those times I like the combination of a smoke together with something else. Also the first one in the morning a real cigarette taste is for me to prefer.

So for now I go with Amber and Blue to my IQOS devises and let us see if I can keep my hands off from the real stuff and continue with IQOS. Again the downside is the charging of the device and sometimes you might need to buy a package of cigarettes cause you run out of power in you devices cause IQOS is not initial cheap and with a around 2 year battery life cycle before you need to buy a new one… Here Philip Morris must come up with something smart to recycle the device. Send your old IQOS in when the battery is dead and get a discount on the new one.

Let’s see what they come up with


Time passes to fast

Wish I had one more week off really, cause I’m not in line with all the things I am supposed to be before the upcoming visit from my nephew next week. Yes, next week, I thought I had two weeks to play with but oh no.

In any case I had a drink with Linda yesterday, more or less the only thing I did yesterday… Apart from one more “Metronome” Metro station.

And today… Oh la la, I decided to clean the closets and only managed the t-shirt section. White and black t-shirts without print, I’m not kidding but I can wear one each day for 1 month without running out so total cleaning, out with all of them not never worn or in good shape.

All with print, still there cause its too hard to throw out all the “maybe someday” t-shirts.

Have a nice day folks


Felt more like autumn

On my way to the bus this morning the streets looked more like the first day of autumn than a hot summers day. Kind of just reminded me of the times to come.

But… Half day at work (and a dentist appointment) and so finally a week of just my own time. Looking forward to every minute without a word from work it’s been a long long time since I actually can say “I’m not available at all” – This caused I’m not alone at work anymore, no need to be stand by.

Have a nice day


Première fois

Finally decided, my nephew will visit Paris for his first time in the capital of capitals. Look so much forward to show him Paris even if it will be 4 very touristic days the aim is to give him enough taste of the city to come back with friends and do Paris as a 19 year old should do it… Night Clubs and hours in cafés.

If you have any not obvious ideas upon what a 19 year Swede need to see in Paris that a 50+ uncle can manage hit me up.