Etikettarkiv: Bjorn Nordlund


Why a post on Brussels all of a sudden? Woke up this morning with a feeling it might be time to visit Brussels again, been a while now, before the new Swedish representative in the EU Commission destroy Europe 100% and most likely Brussels 1000% – her (Ylva Johansson) promise to Europe to force the member states to solidarity will for sure be the upcoming 5 years European docu-soap now when Brexit finally getting closer.

And with Ylva as the captain, My God, lucky lucky the U.K.


Welcome Catalina

Apple released their new MacOS and as always I waited a few days for them to find all the faults and fix them before I downloaded the “Catalina”.

First of all, the download went well, took an hour or so but then… Completely trapped in a never ending update. After 7 hours I was forced to turn it all off and restart the system, and surprise, It worked perfectly. Have no idea why the screen said “Ställer in din MAC” for 7 hours.

So now I wait for all the new features to fu** up my life. Why? All updates, MacOS or iPhone, iPad and Apple TV always introduce something I never asked for, don’t want and can’t understand why someone at Apple even thought of it, and worse got it approved!

All that and the surprise that bad stuff still exists in the systems. Right now three features I really want to get rid off is the stupid feature in “Photos” called “Faces”. No one on this earth can be using this extremely stupid feature as long as it’s not working on all devises, and tag 100% random. For example I have friends who automatically are tagged with their own face as well as statues, paintings and animals, together with the fact that the same person is tagged with different faces on my iPhone, iPad and Mac Pro.

Apple, please take away that, NO ONE USES IT.

Number two is also in Photos, the selfie folder. Why? I don’t want a folder with only selfies and the nightmare is to not be able to delete it.

And then, my in Swedish so called “Käpphäst” (a thing, feature or situation you talk about for years and nothing happens, so you continue to repeat it, over and over), Apple Music.

And this is something I don’t understand why Apple don’t fix cause they want to earn money, I guess…

So if Apple just allowed their users, to connect to Apple Music, and when doing so, just with the introduction of a tick box; “I don’t want to convert my existing mp3s”, stop your complete music library to change all tagging and metadata, Apple would easy double their subscribers on Apple Music. But no, year after year, no changes at all. Why don’t they want to make money and beat Spotify and Deezer from a user experience point of view?

So, this is my reflections after less than a few hours with MacOS Catalina. I am sure I will find reasons to get back to the subject at a later stage.

Have a nice day


The wonderful “Taxe d’habitation”…

Yes, I know, the papers arrived on Friday the 4th but I really managed to just put it aside for a few days and opened them this morning. I mean, it’s Monday so the day is kind of already a failure.

But, even if I managed to forget about this tax since I moved here, and it arrives as a surprise each year it’s kind of worse this year since the hacking of my bank account. Yes, the bank have locked the “stolen” amounts but as long as they investigate I can’t be sure to keep that money – and then add the tax on top… Not a good month at all.

But let’s try to find a solution, I managed to pay my rent at the end of the month so in a non typical way for me I will try not to panic to much.


A calm saturday out

Planned for just a few hours sitting with a beer doing nothing so guess my surprise when I arrived to Les Halles and it was chaos, so much people more or less everywhere.

It was nuit blanche this weekend, completely forgot about it. And for 4 years the first time I actually missed the adverts on the upcoming event.

So not to calm, and not so easy to find somewhere to even sit.


Starstrucked in Paris

Yesterday, on my way home, I passed by the Rossignol store in Paris, close to Opera and on Boulevard des Capuncines and noticed a photo shoot taking place outside. Not much to see, was my first reaction… You know, Fashion week in Paris and you see photographers and their models daily in more than one street corner, but hell was I wrong…

I kind of stopped in the middle of a step cause there were Mr Fourcade, Mr Martin Fourcade, the best Biathlon skier ever. My Swedish mind went blank, as always when a Swedish mind need to decide between getting a selfie with someone famous, or actually understand that he currently working and are not there to sign autographs and taking selfies with fans.

For a second or two I actually was thinking to stay but then, no, I can’t be that guy stalking people, so I took my non selfie pic and went on with my day. In any case, I have seen Martin Fourcade, live in Paris.

I also learned what “blè” means, but that is another story.

Have a nice weekend