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Sweden in Eurovision

After playing a bit with Malta yesterday I thought I might show you guys my most played Swedish entries. Note that its only three years ago a check placed “När vindarna viskar mitt namn” by Roger Pontare as number one… Swedish entry year 2000, but now… we have changes.

  1. 2016 “If I were sorry” Frans
  2. 2004 “Det gör ont” Lena Philipsson
  3. 1999 “Take me to your heaven” Charlotte Perrelli
  4. 1985 “Bra vibrationer” Kikki Danielsson
  5. 1989 “En dag” Tommy Nilsson
  6. 1974 “Waterloo (English) ABBA
  7. 2008 “Hero” Charlotte Perrelli
  8. 2003 “Give me your love” Fame
  9. 2009 “La voix” Malena Ernman
  10. 2006 “Invincible” Carola
  11. 1999 “Tusen och en natt” Charlotte Perrelli
  12. 1977 “Beatles” Forbes
  13. 1986 “E de det här du kallar kärlek” Monika Törnell & Lasse Holm
  14. 1994 “Stjärnorna” Marie Bergman & Roger Pontare
  15. 1968 “Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mig” Claes-Göran Hederström
  16. 1984 “Diggi loo Diggi ley” Herreys
  17. 1974 “Waterloo (Swedish) ABBA
  18. 2017 “I can´t go on” Robin Bengtsson
  19. 1962 “Sol o vår” Inger Berggren
  20. 1991 “Fångad av en stormvind” Carola

So, and again, most played might not be the same as the best song but more or less, who walk around listening to songs you don’t like?


Malta in Eurovision

Time for a new update on some of the Eurovision Countries I have soft spot for, Malta. The small island nation in the Mediterranean whom more or less would give up their independence to win the Eurovision Song Contest, so it seems. And among all the countries participating Malta is still in the line to take home that first victory.

I had hoped for Malta to make changes in their National selection, and they did it this year but for me in the wrong direction. My hopes was to have a National final with maybe 10 or maximum 12 songs with experienced performers. Cause even if Malta is a small Nation so much musical talent lives on the Islands of Malta and Gozo (Don’t know if any on Comino but my gut feeling say no). But its still a fact that it is a small country and a national final with 20 – 30 songs in the line up is not necessary. A lot of songs through they years most likely been seen as collateral damage by the Broadcaster TVM.

But instead of go for a few experienced performers and a few high quality songs penned by the song writing elite Malta decided to go another way, in the same direction as many other of the participating countries and pick their 2019 participant in a talent show and then “mail order” a song which most likely will be penned by a group of Swedes (nothing say it will but seriously… ).

Michela Pace might be the most talented girl on earth and have the back up of a strong song but she spring from a talent show not giving the Maltese public much of a chance to say yes or no to the entry. Another strange twist from Malta a few years ago was when Ira Losco took the victory in the National Selection (more for being Ira than for a great song) and the winning song was switched to another one before the Eurovision Song Contest. A strange decision and very unlike Malta.

Overall I am not a fan of any country using “X got talent”, “The Voice” or “Idol” as a way to pick the performer to represent a country. I know it is hard to believe today but the Eurovision is still a music competition so even if the idea is strange even to me it make more sense to first pick a song and appoint a performer later or even a 100% internal selection process.

Enough, below you find the so far most played Maltese entries at my home, source iTunes play count. Note that most played is not necessarily the same as the best songs but why play songs you don’t like so it is almost the same.

  1. 2013 Gianluca “Tomorrow”
  2. 1998 Chiara “The one that I love”
  3. 2000 Claudette Pace “Desire”
  4. 2006 Fabrizio Faniello “I do (World studio radio mix)
  5. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly (single version”
  6. 2004 Julie and Ludwig “On again… Off again”
  7. 2012 Kurt Calleja “This is the night”
  8. 2001 Fabrizio Faniello “Another summer night”
  9. 1992 Mary Spiteri “Little Child”
  10. 2003 Lynn “To dream again (Radio Mix)”
  11. 2010 Lea Garrett “My dream”
  12. 2006 Fabrizio Faniello “I do (Eurovision mix)”
  13. 2005 Chiara “Angel”
  14. 2002 Ira Losco “7th Wonder”
  15. 2011 Glen Vella “One life (Main pass)”
  16. 1975 Renato Micallef “Singing this song”
  17. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Perdersi”
  18. 2017 Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly (Radio Mix)”
  19. 1994 Chris & Moira “More then love”
  20. 2007 Olivia Lewis “Vertigo”

And to be honest the three less played once is:

Morena “Vodka”, Christabelle “Taboo” and William Mangion “This time”


This must end

So, walk into a fourth week with this stupid cold that never want to end. I go crazy to not be able to think 100% and speed up the work. And the only thing changing is, on a daily basis, what “kind of cold”. Yesterday the cough was back, its gone today but instead the nose act as back up to the Niagara falls and tomorrow… Most likely nothing of the above but a bit fever… This is how its been now for 4 weeks! So do you need more proof that there is no God?


#Melfest New voting system

The viewers “ilska” (=rage) over the new voting system in Melodifestivalen 2019 turned out to be the teens getting angry over the fact that they don’t rule the results anymore. This new system is actually more fair than the old one even if I have some “?” which I am sure I can get the answers on if I read more about the change. One query from my side is that the votes, converted to the in the Eurovision world well known 12, 10, 8, 7 and so on system. Which is fine, but since the system is based on 10 songs and the semifinals only have 7 do the new system go from 12 to 4? Or like in for example the French selection some figures are not in the system at all? So instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 it’s 2, 4, 6? But again I’m sure I can find this info somewhere.

But to divide the “application” votes into age groups the older viewers (to which I’m most likely a part of now) not using the apps maximum votes, 5 votes per song, will at least have a chance to have their views counted. It’s good. BUT another thing I then think about is the tele votes since no one can check the age there. Is the called in votes also converted and use the 12. 10. 8 scale? Most likely also something I can find among the rules on SVT website.

So from my point of view this change is a good one even if the younger crowd feel like they been hit by a train. I ask those youngsters now crying that each point need to be counted and the new system is unfair do you also think this apply to the Eurovision? Are 6 million Russian votes supposed to be counted one by one as well as 800 000 Swedish votes? And impact the result? If yo we will look at a Eurovision where countries send performers they know are popular in countries with a huge population all to attract votes.

So again, the new way is actually one thing SVT done really well in their ways of changing the contest. Well done.


Сергей Лазарев

Finally confirmed then. Sergey will sing for Russia in Tel Aviv and hopefully return to Eurovision with a smash hit.

Let us see, the last time a Russian star returned to the Eurovision for a second try was Dima Bilan and the managed to fail to win with a really good song and win with an OK song. Sergey needs more than a OK song and hopefully the team behind him understands it must be as good as last but not to similar.

In any case, I look forward to hear what he will present and in the meantime listen to his albums on spotify or download them.


A bit more french?

Today we play with the word “Is”, which if I studied Italian might have been a so called piece of cake, but now I study French and si should be a simple “if”.

But depending on the words around it can also be a “such” and “if” and then we have the j’y which completely pushed me over the edge to madness.

Again, French is really really hard and I admire everyone who get it.


The GAla season

Not that involved in the gala season but it is always fun to read the tabloids after such an event. I find the “best dressed” section most confusing and why is that?

In Sweden more or less every thing graded is graded after a scale 0 – 5 so also the dresses and clothes during a gala evening and open the tabloids reports is always exciting. First of all to see that Fashion Reporters depending on the tabloid they represent can give the same outfit 0 in one and 5 in another. Not that common tho’ but it happens. What I really find amazing is that the dresses (almost always dresses) I find ugly as shit often get the best grades and the poor girl (and in the QX Gala case also men wearing the dress) looks like something between a turkey on speed and a unmade bed.

And the guys whom decide to dress classic in a suite, boring as hell yes but not in any case a bad choice so how is it possible that a blue suite, white shirt and tie gets a 5 while a black suite, white shirt and a tie get’s a 1? Its a suite without any details or strange colors.

And to something completely different… The fire in Paris. Writing this blog post I hope you all get that I never was close to the fire in the 16eme. But it’s awful to read about what happend.


Melodifestivalen 1 – The Songs

As the second post on Melodifestivalen 2019 let us look at the songs.

My list at the Night The real result in ():

  1. Anna Bergendahl – Ashes to ashes (Second chance contest)
  2. Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina – Mina Bränder
  3. Wiktoria – Not with me (Final)
  4. Mohombi – Hello (Final)
  5. Nano – Chasing Rivers (Second chance contest)
  6. High 15 – No drama
  7. Arja Saijonmaa – Mina fyra årstider

Anna Bergendahl “Ashes to ashes” I really surprised myself when I ended up with a list with Anna on the top. Cause I normally do not like anything she produced so far. As a Eurovision blogger back when she won the Melodifestivalen last time she participated I was more or less cyber killed telling that she would send Sweden out from the final in Eurovision. History gave me right and she is still the only artist from Sweden to fail to reach the final (Charlotte was saved by the juries with “Hero” but still Sweden was in the final). But “Ashes to ashes” was the best song during the nigh even if Anna looked more like a manic skier from Norway dressed up for a award show. In this song her voice actually worked and not sounded like nails on a blackboard.

Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina “Mina bränder” at first I was like, “what?” but when the chorus started I really liked it. I do think, maybe, that Anis Don Demina should have done this solo cause Zeana both looked and sounded very nervous. This song will most likely sound much much better recorded than live so I suppose it will end up as one of the most played songs from melodifestivalen 2019 in my home.

Wiktoria “Not with me” a song Sanna Nielsen might have rocked and Wiktoria tries to as much as she can. But this ballad only work cause of the show, without the rain on stage she would most likely only reached the “Second chance”. She kind of demonstrate whats so wrong with Melodifestivalen and Eurovision today, its not about the music it is about the concept and the presentation. The show is effective and will end up on the top when we reach the final in March 2019.

Mohombi “Hello” turn us back to the 80s and “A-Ha” in his performance, not the song tho´which made be so disappointed. I am a fan of Mohombi and he is well known here in France which makes me wonder if his decision to enter the Swedish selection and not the French one might have been a mistake cause even if “Hello” made me disappointed as a song I would have loved it to kick Bilal Hassani out as the French contestant in Eurovision. For me “Hello” only bring 3 minutes of endless repeats of the word “Hello” and has nothing of the beat Mohombis songs usually bring us. Very very lame and I can’t see how any televoting European will lift the phone and call for this. A second Benjamin Ingrosso year if we send Mohombi, jury say yes and the viewers no. And the flirt with the “Take on me” video might have been fun if the songs was a 80s tune… Now its just “Why is he doing Take on me?”

Nano “Chasing rivers” Oh NO, this is even worse than the shit he presented last. Then I understood he would be popular cause he then entered as a underdog and the song had some drive and beat so even if I hated it I got the hype. But this? “Chasing rivers” is a amazingly bad try to repeat his last entry in “Melodifestivalen”. And as an artist he brings nothing to the world. No performer ever been so dated but thinking he is all that.

High 15 “No drama” In the year of the Spice Girls reunion SVT picks out a girl group (knowing that the girl groups never work in Eurovision) with. song turning out to be three songs in one and not connected what so ever. A pity cause Im sure the girls are talented and really nice. And girls, you’re a girl group, the words “We are so different and come from different backgrounds but it works so well and we are best friends” will work for 1 year then you will start to change girls in the group and 6 months later one go solo and the group is no more. Just want to give you a heads up so you don’t be disappointed.

Arja Saijonmaa “Mina fyra årstider”, beautiful beautiful Arja, this was…. Tragic… Be lucky you advocate the reasons for the global warming to be the fault of the human race and not deny it cause if so would never have reached the Melodifestivalen scene. The no politic comepetion which is one of the most political competitions ever made going Political Correct and present a first entry in the accepted “Åsiktskorridor”. Cause I cannot see that this song was picked to participate of any other reason than the Lex Greta Thunberg cause the song was bad.. so bad, and I love Arja. The big “?” is where was Tobias Karlsson in all this he kind of escort Arja in all “gay” events… Another thing If Arja won the contest can you see SVT to put her and all of the Swedish delegation on a boat to Tel Aviv to not end up in a discussion on the carbon footprint.

I dont think, and I hope, the winner 2019 not among the first 4 going to the final or second chance contest but we will see. It takes all songs to in full understand who Christer Björkman decided he want to send to Tel Aviv.