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Atelier des Lumières Paris

A chunk of culture

Todays activity in Paris, visit Atelier des Lumieres

The BIG thing right now is the Gustav Klimt exhibition and what everyone there waited for…. The painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer. So the hour of light and sound ends up in some kind of wait for a few seconds of one painting… Very strange feeling.

BUT on the other hand the Atelier des Lumieres turned out to be a amazing venue and even if not the best for people with no balance (me) or anyone with risk for epilepsy.

Well worth a visit, book in advance and visit the cemetery in the area and Piaf and Oscar Wildes graves the same day.


Gustav Klimt
Atelier des lumières

The horror of a test

Second lesson this week

So, today I survived my second French lesson this week and the date for the test getting closer and closer and I still understand “pas”.

And its still the verbs in a horror combination with “he” and “she”. For heavens sake things are “it” not a man or a woman. I will flunk this test so enormous so old sins like the grade 1 in Mathematics when I was 9 years old will fade away.

But, no more lessons this week, but from tomorrow until Sunday  I must think French and whatever I do translate it in my mind. A new way of “talking to myself”.


Hong Kong 3

One day to explore Hong Kong

Caused by the fact that the trip went one day short (see the blog post Hong Kong 1) I only had one day to really explore Hong Kong. If I had been smart I would have booked the Hotel one more day and even if checking out at least kept the room for one day more and sight seeing some more. But I am Swedish, if not blond at least light haired = stupid…

Hong Kong is a amazing place and I do not regret at all going there but from my point of view one time will be enough. OK, if going for work I gladly do it, and maybe even visit some on the small small beaches to get some tan. But I will not spend money for a holiday. It is a big city and even if the skyline is amazing how many big city skylines can you see and say “Oh, I will go back and look at the skyline again”?

Since I’m not a huge fan of different kind of food I can´t say I am a fan of the Asian kitchen either. But I found a few really good restaurants after walking around in the neighborhood but none of them specialized on the Asian kitchen. And lets be honest, a rice and fried pork in Asia is not the same as that dish at the local China Restaurant in Stockholm.

I did not have a chance to interact much with he locals, I think as everywhere you enjoy a place if you have that opportunity. Maybe not ask them to take you around but at least give some good suggestions on what to see. For me, just for a day, I decided to take the “hop on Hop off” Big Bus service and kind of do the “must see”. And no time for the rest.

Based on the fact that Hong Kong been a UK colony I was surprised to find that so few people spoke English at least a few words. Chinese was obviously the choice of language in Hong Kong, even if most signed are in both Chinese and English. This only created a problem in taxis.

And we can go on with the humidity… I am amazed people actually try to dry their laundry on the balcony of their apartments its impossible it will ever get really dry. For heavens sake clothes hanging in my bathroom in Paris hardly gets dry cause of the humidity in a bathroom.

It feels like you walk out from the Hotel and find yourself swimming to get anywhere. And without places with AC it must be a nightmare. And of course cause of the AC I went home with a cold. Two sides of the same coin.

But overall I left with a good feeling and my travel tip is to if you have a chance for a layover or two three days in Hong Kong take it. But do not plan a 7 day vacation, a long weekend felt enough.


Hong Kong 2

Work first enjoyment second

Not much to say about the meeting I attended in Hong Kong, I am not much of a “presenter” of PPTs, I prefer to work in small groups and discuss but this went a bit better I think cause I could walk around talking, not sitting behind a microphone reading like from a script.

So not perfect, but better.


Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong via Munich

Let us say this might have been the trip the world tried to tell me to not go through with. Trouble from entering CDG until the final steps out of the International Airport in Hong Kong.

You know the feeling when you check in your bag and a little voice say, “that’s a suitcase you never see again” – OK this never happened but the flight from CDG turned ut to be enough delayed for us to miss the connected flight to Hong Kong so one night in an airport hotel in Munich. This might not sound to bad but for heavens sake why can´t (two options here):

  • The Airline let you check out your luggage, NEWSFLASH, toilet bag and at least a t shirt is most likely stored there.
  • A airport hotel making most of their money through a contract with Lufthansa to take care of stranded passengers might see a business opportunity to sell a “one time toilet bag” and a t-shirt even if it say “I love Munich”.

In any case, next flight 24 hours later so the wait first at the Hotel and then at Munich Airport was a long one.

But I must say that the Lufthansa staff from CDG to Munich was very funny, suppose they were tiered but it was a blast on the flight.