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What just happend?

This might not be at all strange if you where born outside Sweden (maybe as well in Norway, Denmark and Finland, I don’t know). But for a few weeks now they have called me from my bank and wanted a meeting. If something like this happen in Sweden you can be sure something is very very wrong… And someone, Bank or State will empty your account cause unpaid fees or taxes. So I caved in and finally went there yesterday.

One difference between your bank in Sweden or your bank in France is that you have your own “office” and a personal adviser / Bank person. And this person, in this case, was a new one for my account and he wanted to meet all “his” clients. As a Swede read this again… My Bank adviser, I almost not knew I had, wanted to meet with his clients.

Coming from Sweden this is chocking, cause banks in Sweden look at their clients more as something they must have to be able to work. The clients are cumbersome “must have”. And not only that, he actually knew what happens on my account… Scary. Nevertheless the main reason why I was called into the bank was not only to present himself he also wanted to offer me a loan OR find out if they can help me finance to buy a Paris apartment (if I ever thought of buying my own apartment).

Anyone in with a normal bank account (AKA you don’t have millions in your account) experienced the same? I think a Swedish bank rather close their business than offer their clients anything. So I am a bit impressed and to add I have been thinking of a loan in France to close my loan in Sweden cause, even if it’s not large amounts, exchange- and transfer fees irritates me. And a normal February or December or when the salary reach your accounts on a Friday, it is even hard to make sure you are able to transfer the money before they due dates for the loan.

So far I have not accepted, cause the monthly deduct with a French loan is a bit higher than my Swedish one, no huge difference, but we will see in a few months how I feel about this.

And again, let me remind you all of the Melodifestivalen 2020 finals tomorrow Saturday 6th of March, 20h00 (SVTPlay, and remember that SVTPlay broadcast with a 1, 2 minutes delay). My pre finals opinions can be read at the links below – and tomorrow I will present the final once.

But even if Melodifestivalen is a huge thing tomorrow, the day in the year when Sweden comes to a stop for a few hours, the most important thing tomorrow is the Finnish Selection finals where Finland can pick a Eurovision Winner for Rotterdam 2020 by sending Erika Vikman and her amazing “Cicciolina”.

The glow is thrown…

The glow is thrown 2020

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Soon… Soon my friends

The head of today’s post of course refer to Melodifestivalen and at the end Eurovision. But let us first have a closer look at the image, a Ford but for us Swedes… Am I the only one thinking “Fazer”, maybe with some nougat?

Nevertheless, back to order. On Saturday the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen takes place, and as always it will be a test on how SVT will air the show this year. Will I experience problems or not, we will see. But then we look forward too, or not, 6 weeks of either a boring cavalcade of songs made for radio plays or actually something fun, new and interesting. But this year it looks like SVT decided that Felix Sandman or Mariette is what they wish to send. So we will see…

But Finland also kick off their selection, and they have a song already made to win Eurovision, “Cicciolina” by Erika Vikman.

It is the perfect storm in terms of Eurovision. Way out of line from what we see today in the contest when most songs sound alike since it is Swedes whom composed most of them. So Finland, go all in and vote for Erika to reach Eurovision.

The best thing is that Finland is in Eurovision semi final number 2, where France can televote so I can vote for her…

You can find the song on youtube linked HERE