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Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie, my without a doubt favorite mystery writer, wrote the original “Death of the Nile” in 1937 and is one of her best stories as well as an amazing film with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot. The French… Oh I am so sorry, the Belgian detective. And now a second film is on it’s way signed Kenneth Branagh whom also made the new “Murder on the Orient express” a few years ago, also based on a book by Agatha Christie.

“Death on the Nile” is also one of my favorite films so I am a bit scared over the new one coming up, but I must say Branagh did a good job on the “Orient Express” film.

But for me it is a mystery that he kind of follow the stream of Christie films already made, and if so the next will be “The mirror cracked” impossible to be better than the film with Elisabeth Taylor.

A book, not yet made for the big screen is “They came to Baghdad”, a mystery penned by Agatha Christie and my favorite Christie book and could easy be made to a really good film. A script based on the film can be an action movie in style with “Bond” or “Mission Impossible”, it can be a thriller in the style of the new Christie films made by Branagh. The book is so intelligent written it is impossible to put it down before finishing it and I have always asked myself why it’s not been filmed. Maybe the reason is caused by the fact its not a Poirot or Marple book, but still. This is my tip to Kenneth Branagh, make a film!!!

Let’s see how the new “Death in the Nile” will stand compering to the former film. The cast looks great, both Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French is in it… Casted as two of the most amazing Christie characters. Looking forward to that.

Have a nice day, with todays French covid news


No logic at all – EU and Corona

Have you also not noticed the strange reports about Corona nowdays? Media makes a huge thing on cases in Austria among others with less than 500 cases and at the same time it is more or less nothing on UK, France and Spain… And how is the situation in Italy at the moment? 10000 new cases in France and no daily updates anymore, but we follow Norway and Austria with headlines like “Extreme corona situation”, and compare the new cases to the once in France?

I, of course, follow France and Sweden more close than any other countries and notice within the EU we have a sandbox approach to the virus. If you block the citizens from my country I will block yours. An example, today Sweden and UK open up for travels without restrictions. Seriously? UK have a increased situation of cases, and Sweden not. So, from my point of view keep it that way… Do not allow travels to UK without any restrictions.

The master in the sandbox in France and Macron who actually not hide the fact that France block travelers from countries who put restrictions on French travelers. It has nothing to do with fighting Corona, its a pissing game between the heads of the countries.

I am 100% aware that the travel industry suffers during Corona, but within the EU the only logical step is to tell the citizens to travel locally, but now during the increase in new cases the countries stay closed within the union. It make no sense as it is now.

And the Corona pandemic is the first time in history we actually have some use of the EU, same rules, same restrictions etc… But no, lets continue to fight for the “shape of cucumbers”, and the right to travel between Brussels and Strasbourg instead.

Its like the mask wearing in Paris at the moment. You do not need a mask if you go ut jogging, even if you most likely breath and spit and cough more running than going to the Bakery to buy a baguette. You must have mask using an electric scooter, but not if you take your bike, but both use the same lanes and a gym can have how many people inside as possible without mask cause they work out, but if you not do jogging, and power walk outside instead, you need a mask cause you don’t run.

Same with homeworking, more and more employers force their staff back to the offices even if they can work from home without any problem. Instead of letting the buses and metro up people who can’t work from home, like industry workers, hospitals and service sector. No, they need to fight for a spot in the public transport together with office staff more or less not in need of an office more than from time to time. But there is no initiative from the Government to push the home working solution, just a lame sentence in the protocol that “If they can, work from home”. Many more can do it if the Government put the foot down.

I also want to remind Swedes, now so happy that they have few new cases compared to France that the lock down was not a fantasy to eliminate the virus. It was caused by the fact that hospitals needed control of cases and make room for people being sick. And even if Swedes now love the fact that there are so few new cases in Sweden you need to remember that looking at deaths the Swedish way caused a lot of deaths compering to countries with the same population. So get off the high horses, at the end cases will raise in Sweden as well.

All this in a bundle it’s not strange that people are confused and take in different theories as the truth. We will have virus in Europe until there is a safe vaccine.

Over and out from me on the Corona virus situation in Europe, at least for today.

Lets stop with something positive by music: Link


My legs decided to stop

Dirst a LINK to the new fun news about Corona in France. But I want to know the R count, cause I do not want to go back to work until the count is 0,7 – 0,8, but now staying home start to feel wrong. People try to live a normal life and I should be going in to the office really. At the same time with the increase in infections its actually not especially nice to go outside even if you have too.

But, back to the workout and my legs, those old things kind of refused to move me around today. Even from bed to the bathroom was a struggle of pain. But I have to do it with the doctors words in mind… 1 hour walk a day and avoid people. Try that in Paris.


Update – Corona

As said in my fist post today French media do not report anything on Corona, just after posting they did…


And let us say I will fight to continue to work from home and go out as little as possible, 7000 new cases, 4000 increase/day in 1 day?

Stupid that the Government don’t push for people to work from home if possible and let people who must go use the buses and Metro.


Nothing on Corona

Since the weekend the French media stop to report on Covid, I guess its to not scare people now when people return to work and school. Yes, I repeat myself….

So to give you some news about me, or Swedes. Swedes from the eyes of an foreigner:

Are Swedish people nice to foreigners?
If you’re a young backpacker traveling on Eurail, yes, young fellow Swedes will be friendly and typically curious about you and where you come from. But once you’re there, be aware that there is thick barrier in Sweden between public and private sphere, which can put some foreigners off.

A taxi driver may not look at you or talk to you at all, a waiter will just stick to his task, with none of the chitchat that you would find normal on “the continent”. This is not hostile behavior, it is just normal. If you ask questions to a stranger, you will most likely be replied politely, but in a minimal, standoffish, sometimes embarrassed way. It is very rare that Swedish people are rude, and they will never raise their voice. If they’re angry at you, they will typically cast you an evil eye and say nothing. Losing one’s temper is disgraceful in Sweden.

Swedish people are not talkative when you compare to European standards. If they have nothing special to say, they see no problem in remaining silent. You may find that destabilizing. You can see some couples sitting in a café each one reading a book, which would look just odd in France, Italy or Spain. It is very typical that Swedish conversation is bland until you know people on a personal basis. Once you go beyond that step, there are all sorts, and yes, then Swedes may come out as communicative, cheerful and friendly, and you don’t feel such a distance anymore.

You will make the most of your Swedish experience if you’re invited to a “stuga” (country cottage). Swedes are never happier than strolling in the woods, boating, swimming, fishing, and then they get totally relaxed. If you’re invited to dinner in a Swedish home, don’t be surprised that they turn off the lights, and burn candles, which creates an intimate and mysterious atmosphere. Then, they’re likely to open up their minds and say deep things you wouldn’t have expected.

Swedes can drink like soldiers, men and women alike. This is typical on weekends and during parties and social events. Booze abolishes all barriers, and then you will finally see what’s on their mind, for better or worse. They can laugh their hearts out, be promiscuous or provocative, and sometimes feisty. But this only a temporary break away from natural order. The day after, they will revert to normal as though nothing happened. You would almost believe it was all a dream.




Start with reading this LINK

3800 confirmed cases in France, Finland red list most European countries and Spain? What is happening in Spain?

France and Germany blames returning holiday travelers, but look at Spain, more a receiving country for tourists from Germany and France than people leaving the country.

Be sure that it will be an awful September in France, but Macron will never redlist other EU countries or tell the French public to not leave their home cities. He is a man without a backbone.

My rash also came back today thank you world, two days before my own vacation. The world is amazing.


8 bag of baby carrots today instead of snacks and candy.

Toulouse – not only a cartoon kitten

Let us say it begins now… France freaks out and besides the new rule to wear masks in all workplaces from 1st of September Toulouse is first in France with mandatory mask wearing outdoors between 07h00 – 03h00. So to go out without mask you need to step out into the world from 3 o’clock in the night to 7, 4 little hours.

And I am sure Paris will follow, and OK it is better than the system we have now cause no one knows what areas is mask mandatory or free of them.

Toulouse is the 4th city in France, and also the city from where around 60% of people contacting me on dating apps comes from. So being curious I planned a long weekend there to see if I am handsome in Toulouse.

Toulouse is also an adorable cartoon cat in the amazing Disney film “Aristocats” – so what can go wrong?


Not Disney cats

Oh God

The week started with me not doing the thing I was supposed to do. I did a lot of other tasks but the one thing that I actually needed to finish today, not so much. Its embarrassing really.

And the Corona thing continue, now its Austria, Greece and Copenhagen on the list over red marked countries in Norway. So the confused rules keep on going.

And in France we try to keep distance:

Picture from France24 and Bordeaux.

But the good news, new season of “Rita” on Netflix, evenings fixed for a few days.

Rita on Netflix


Back to the Covid reports

So, France again have an increase in new Corona cases. Surprised to find that in the reports cause I thought it would happen after the “rentree” (When French people return to work from the 1st of September after their vacations). But seeing this already happens it is worrying for what will happen in September.

Scenarios, “give up” and let people manage their lives as well as they can. Open up, stop the mandatory wearing of masks etc – it’s not a likely development.

The rumors though is that from 1st of September it will be a curfew from 22h00 in the so called red zones when everything must be closed and people keep inside their homes. I guess the health departments then also will impose that if you don’t have too work from your office, continue to work from home.

The new mandatory mask thing, is nothing else than extremely confusing. They went from the wearing of masks in some streets in Paris to a mandatory wearing of masks in areas. The first days a completely fiasco cause people have no clue of the new rules and looking at the provided map… Not clear at all…

Mandatory wearing of masks in Paris

Really? Why not say all of the 750XX area instead of the one above? And next question, it is OK to sit in a Café without mask in those areas, but you need the mask to pass by. Just as in Sweden the rules are confusing.

And as being very sceptic to the idea of the EU, here they actually have a chance to be useful implementing the same rules all over Europe (at least in the EU zone), but no… Different rules in different countries all the time, changing and different day by day. Not even France and Germany, the two “we love EU” countries in Europe lift this question up on the agenda.

It will be interesting too see what will happen in France after the 1st of September.



Most of them open now

Most of the restaurants and bars around here is now open, and next weekend Macron will make a speech again on the next steps in the opening of Paris. Let us guess, the last steps and we supposed to go back to normal.

So why not this weekend? Its election and he won’t dare to stir that pot and maybe say something that can make his candidates even more without a chance.

But, as said most places now open in around here, but not my favorite one, Scares me a bit cause we do not know why… Closed forever? Will open later? On sale (oh if I had the money)? I have seen people in there cleaning, but that was like four weeks ago… And now, nothing. So when and if will Championnet open?

Now I have two days in office in front of me, give me a Good Luck.